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When admin becomes effortless, HR becomes invaluable.

What would you do with the time saved by automating your HR admin tasks? Elevate the role of HR to be an invaluable strategic partner within your company? Too right. And the all-in-one Kenjo software is here to help you to do just that.
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Kenjo is here to support you every step of the way.

Download. Feel inspired. You’ve got this.

Not enough hours in the day?

Automate your admin.
Use our tools to automate your HR admin tasks, giving you the time, energy and head space needed to focus on the part of the job that matters most: supporting your people.
Automate tasks for your company
Easy human resource software interface

How many pieces of software does one need?

One. All you need is right here.
Centralise all your HR, admin and performance processes with Kenjo. Whether you want to automate HR emails, view your recruitment candidates, or create a custom document, with Kenjo everything you need is all in one place. It saves you time. And saves you headaches.

Do employees struggle with your current HR software?

Introduce one which is easy, effortless, and enjoyable for them to use.
Kenjo is created with people in mind. Which is why we’ve designed every element to feel easy, effortless and totally intuitive to use. For employees. For managers. For members of the HR team. Using Kenjo is as easy as abc.

Trust your gut.
It’s got you this far.


Tales of transformation

Saskia Malz
Fleetpool · 140 employees
Kenjo was the perfect match for us. Using Kenjo has been a real blessing, and it’s given us a complete overview of our workforce. No more drowning in hundreds of emails for all the different HR-related tasks.
Irjad Ajvazi
Indivumed · 237 employees
Kenjo’s software has been designed to be easy and intuitive to use that it even accommodates employees who still have to navigate the digital world.
Michael Brundig
Frischepost · 100+ employees
We were looking to create a solid database that helps us organise employees with a connection to self-services and better recruitment processes. The level of depth we went into, discussing different technical issues was next level compared to Kenjo's competitors.
Elena Lange
EMPAUA · 56 employees
With Kenjo, I can finally focus on the staff, because the organizational things are done easily and clearly. In the time that has become free, I can now focus on employee development and selection, thus ensuring a happy team.
Ana Expósito
Tech-On-Rails · 150 Employees
We have digitized our HR processes with Kenjo. It's helped us improve employee experience while significantly reducing costs and saving time.
Sandra Wulff
Goodpatch · 117 employees
Kenjo helps us keep all important employee documents in one place, which makes everything more transparent. The tool also helps the team keep tabs on who is on holiday, who is out sick. Having certain tasks automated, frees up more of our time to enhance the experience of our employees.
Marei Möker
YIELDKIT · 30 employees
Since we introduced Kenjo at YIELDKIT, the amount of time I have spent on personal administration has decreased considerably and I have more time for other important HR-related topics. I particularly like the absence feature where employees clockin their own absences, which I can also use for payroll.
Jose Martín-Corral
carto · 125 employees
After looking at over 15 HR tools, Kenjo was the only one that could meet our expectations. Its software offered us a personalised service and helped us retain all our historical data.
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