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Our recruitment add-on has been created to attract and manage job candidates. You’ll be able to create customised career sites, link your job offers with hundreds of employment portals, save candidates found in LinkedIn directly in Kenjo, and manage interviews and selection processes with our ATS.
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Effortless admin.
Engaged employees.
With easy to use features.
Automated notifications keep everyone in the loop, and on schedule.
Org chart
Easy visualisations allow everyone to see their position and their responsibilities.
Streaming your onboarding process for the employees and all relevant departments.
Time off
Enable teams to manage their own time, anywhere and from any device.
Digital HR
Get your time back with fully automated processes.
Enable employees to record their time, attendance, and the number of hours that they’ve worked.
Organise engaging and interactive meetings with collaborative agendas.
Payroll report
Make peace with payroll, by tracking any payroll report changes easily and effortlessly.
Goals and OKRs
Have everyone in your company on the same page with a clear goal-setting process.
Performance review
Improve your employee performance review process and enable them to truly thrive.
Employee surveys
See satisfaction levels. And how they impact success.
Reports and analytics
Improve your company culture with data-driven decisions.
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Tales of transformation

Marcus Berg
StadtSalat · 243 employees
We were looking for an easy to use and employee centric digital HR Admin Suite and Kenjo was our #1 choice. Kenjo facilitates our HR admin across multiple locations big time. We safe time and effort while those leaner processes increase accessibility and quality as well.
Elena Lange
EMPAUA · 56 employees
With Kenjo, I can finally focus on the staff, because the organizational things are done easily and clearly. In the time that has become free, I can now focus on employee development and selection, thus ensuring a happy team.
Ana Expósito
Tech-On-Rails · 150 Employees
We have digitized our HR processes with Kenjo. It's helped us improve employee experience while significantly reducing costs and saving time.
Sandra Wulff
Goodpatch · 117 employees
Kenjo helps us keep all important employee documents in one place, which makes everything more transparent. The tool also helps the team keep tabs on who is on holiday, who is out sick. Having certain tasks automated, frees up more of our time to enhance the experience of our employees.
Gema Álvarez
GRUPO ESPIRAL MS · 85 employees
The centralisation of all information of our employees in one place with Kenjo allowed us to reduce errors and gain more visibility on our internal processes such as the management of absences and salary changes.
Marei Möker
YIELDKIT · 30 employees
Since we introduced Kenjo at YIELDKIT, the amount of time I have spent on personal administration has decreased considerably and I have more time for other important HR-related topics. I particularly like the absence feature where employees clockin their own absences, which I can also use for payroll.
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Markus Berg reviews about KenjoElena Lange reviews about KenjoAna Expósito reviews about KenjoSandra Wulff reviews about KenjoSandra Wulff reviews about KenjoSandra Wulff reviews about Kenjo
Do I have to install any software to use Kenjo?

No, you don’t have to install software onto individual computers. Kenjo operates from the cloud, so you can access it any time, anywhere and from any device that is connected to the internet.

Will Kenjo help me with the implementation?

Yes. A member of the Kenjo support team will help you set up Kenjo, transferring your company data, and show you how to get the most out of Kenjo.

In addition to the monthly basic fee, are there any other hidden costs?

You won’t find any additional monthly costs apart from the basic fee. For the initial setup of your account, there is a one-time fee: 299,- € for HR and 449,- € for HR and the recruiting add-on.

Can I also use modules individually and not in a package?

You can use our “Premium” or “Profession”-Packages without the “Recruiting” add-on. Please contact us for a more detailed answer.

Is my data secure and the software GDPR compliant?

Absolutely. We take data security extremely seriously.

All your data will be securely stored in the EU. Our infrastructure is fully data protection compliant with EU privacy data laws and regulations (EU-GDPR), and we as an organisation as well as software go above and beyond the legal requirements.

Data Protection Management System

Kenjo has implemented a company wide data protection management system and has appointed a qualified Data Protection Officer. The structure of the internal data protection organization and the data protection strategy is documented in the binding data protection guideline. Processing activities that involve personal data are documented in a record of processing activities. The conformity of the data protection management system is assessed on a regular basis in data protection audits and deficiencies found are remedied.


Data Processing on behalf

Apart from data that Kenjo is required to process in order to perform its services (Art. 6 para 1 lit b) GDPR), Kenjo acts as data processor on behalf of its B2B customers. All customer contracts include a data processing agreement (DPA). Customer data is only processed according to customer’s instructions. There is no usage of customer/employee data for other purposes than providing the services.


Data Storage and Data Security

Data is stored within the area of the European Union (in particular Frankfurt (Germany) and Dublin (Ireland)). Kenjo has implemented various security controls which are further described in the respective addendum to data processing agreement. Internal security controls are reviewed regularly and adapted if required. Data security of processors is ensured by contracting with ISO 27001 certified service providers.

Can I import my existing employee data?

Of course! We are here to make your life as easy as possible. Hence, all your data can easily be imported during the setup process. We only ask you to provide the data in the form of Excel sheets to import them. If you rather set up your data manually, please have a look here.

My company has several locations worldwide. How does that work with Kenjo?

We got you covered! For locations abroad you can create and manage any number of domestic and foreign companies with different time zones. And as we are aware that people in different countries use different languages and currencies, we also implemented separate currencies for each company and are available in German and Spanish as well as in English.

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here, we are always happy to help.
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