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6 reasons why Human Resource Software is needed in the Healthcare Industry

Managing Documents digitally

Give your medical teams access to all memos, internal communications and  important notifications from their mobiles, computers or tablets.

Reduce Payroll Workload

Reduce the amount of effort it takes to complete payroll tasks by taking full control over monthly adjustments for overtime, sick leave, absences, etc.

Improve Shift Planning

Empower your employees to propose changes to shifts and correct any issues with their work schedules.

Simplified recruitment

Talent management is made easy with the whole recruitment process in one single tool, allowing you to attract the right candidates more efficiently.

Manage multiple clinics and hospitals

Manage teams across multiple locations.

Improved onboarding process

Speed up and streamline the onboarding of your doctors, nurses and healthcare staff by automating processes and sharing the necessary educational and legal materials.

Digitize shift planning of your healthcare staff

Plan rotating shifts together with your healthcare staff to get the most out of your clinics and  hospitals.

Digital shift planning

With Kenjo's shift planning software you can plan the schedules of your healthcare nurses and medical staff and allocate working hours in different clinics or receive feedback from your staff on their schedules.

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Attract and recruit healthcare professionals

The healthcare sector is one of the industries that struggles the most from attracting and retaining new talent. Digitising the recruitment process should be the priority for any Healthcare SME.

Optimise your recruitment times

Kenjo lets you post your job ads on hundreds of job portals with one simple click and allows you to organise digital or face-to-face interviews  through our recruitment software.

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Absence management, time and attendance

Allow your employees to clock in from their mobile phones, computers or and sync their watches to the Kenjo app. Use our advanced attendance, absence and overtime reports.

Enforce the right to rest for healthcare workers

Keep track of the rest hours your employees are entitled to and have accumulated to stay in compliance with national regulations. .

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Manage multiple clinics or health centres with the same software.

We help you segment the document management, payroll reporting and daily operations of your employees even if they work in different clinics or countries.

Payroll Reports

Reduces any payroll issues generated by monthly changes in hours worked, sick leave, absences, etc.

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Automate and digitize onboarding

Digitally support your new hires to complete their onboarding in the shortest possible time.

Improve learning processes

Use alerts and notifications to notify staff of upcoming training sessions, meetings or mandatory reading of educational material during onboarding.

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Your single point of reference for employees, day-to-day operations and HR management

We look forward to talking to you in person about the many ways Kenjo can support managers, executives and HR managers.

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Kenjo’s software has been designed to be easy and intuitive to use that it even accommodates employees who still have to navigate the digital world.



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