HR-Software for the travel, recreation and leisure sector

Streamline the management of your employees in the travel, recreation and leisure industry









6 reasons for using an HR software in the travel, recreation and leisure industry

Recruiting: Find the right talents - Quick and directly find employees through digitized recruiting workflows

Sustainability: Set up your business for a sustainable and digital future - Never user paper again

Success stories: Whether your company is growing quickly or slowly increasing the numbers of employees - Kenjo grows with its clients

Skilled labor shortage: Find skilled workers - By digitizing your recruiting with Kenjo and using our scorecards

Communication: Optimize your communication - Use Kenjo as an HR & Operations hub and connect your employees from different locations

Onboarding process: Kenjos HR software optimizes and digitizes the entire application process -  From the application to the onboarding process

Efficient staff scheduling: Simplify, organize, and optimize shift planning

Streamline operations with our software, enabling seamless scheduling and shift management.

Seamless work planning: Empower your staff, maximize productivity, and minimize conflicts

Take control of workforce scheduling effortlessly, ensuring smooth operations and improved productivity for your business.


Stay compliant with Kenjo: Your all-in-one HR Software solution

Effortlessly navigate evolving labor laws in the leisure industry with Kenjo.

Stay informed, stay compliant: Kenjo keeps you updated on labor law changes

Simplify HR management while ensuring compliance with up-to-date labor law information tailored to the leisure industry's specific requirements.


Streamline employee data management: Kenjo's centralized HR solution

Efficiently manage contact details, salaries, vacations, and performance evaluations with Kenjo.

Simplify data management: Kenjo empowers HR teams with centralized employee information

Unlock productivity by centralizing employee data, ensuring accuracy, security, and streamlined HR processes for enhanced organizational efficiency.


Combat high turnover: Kenjo's solutions for recruiting, training, and satisfaction in the leisure industry

Focus on implementing engagement strategies and utilizing data analytics to identify causes of turnover, enabling proactive measures for retention and improving employee loyalty.

Use Kenjos Talent Pools - And let us help you minimize high turnover rates

Talent Pools allow for you to cluster and pick future candidates and thus help to save 40% of your time spent on recruiting. Now it is even easier to fill in open positions and reduce turnover by picking the right candidates.


A single application for your HR management

With Kenjo, you can digitize all HR tasks with a single tool. We are happy to talk with you and advise you based on your individual needs.

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