Digital HR

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Navigating the dashboard. Collect documents. Customise templates. All in one place.

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  • Employees can log their hours.

  • Timesheets can be viewed.

  • Personal document folders can be accessed.

  • New documents can be uploaded.

  • Holidays can be requested.

  • Outstanding holiday allowance can be viewed.

  • Managers can approve or decline holiday requests.


The dashboard. Keeping you up to date.

  • Visualise the human moments of your company - birthdays, new joiners, work anniversaries.

  • Approve holidays quickly and easily.

  • Customisable to stay relevant for each employee.


Employee documentation in the cloud.

  • Personal document folder for every employee.

  • Doctor’s notes can be uploaded from a mobile device.

  • Reminders when visas or contracts are due to expire.

  • Access rights are customisable for the HR team.

  • Bulk import of payslip files, with each payslip being allocated to the correct folder.


Here’s the template to success.

  • Generate documents from templates.

  • Customise templates with brand logos and colours.

  • Create work certificates in a few clicks.

  • Info can be automatically shared between documents.

  • Log the confirmation from employees that they have read and understood documents.


Meeting management

  • Organise engaging and interactive meetings with collaborative agendas.

  • Create tasks and questions synched with the agenda, that can be answered before or during the meeting.

  • Allow your attendees to create their own agenda.

  • Create checklist or automations and synchronise them with the agenda.

  • Record meeting durations and the minutes of items covered.