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Help HR professionals to digitise employee management.


Who can be a partner?

IT consultants, HR services and coaching fields, etc.

Professional services companies.

Leaders that gain inspiration from HR-related issues.

What does it mean to be a Kenjo partner?

Introduce us to HR professionals who need to digitise their department 

Help SMEs in your network discover the tech solution that will revolutionise the way they manage employees.

Refer qualified leads to us, and we'll do the rest

Inspire SMEs around the world with our message. Earn commission from referrals through your website or social media channels.

Implement Kenjo for your clients

If you want to do more than just sending referrals or leads to Kenjo, why not take care of the entire sales and implementation process?

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We’ll contact you so we can get to know each other and plan opportunities together.


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Help to promote us and earn commission on every qualified lead.

Benefits of being a Kenjo partner

Our partner programme is designed for companies or individuals that want to improve their reputation in the sector and earn extra income by bringing value to SMEs. By joining our community, you'll:

  • Connect with our professional HR community across Europe and Latin America.

  • Get access to exclusive Kenjo content.

  • Publish opinion articles in our blog with 600,000 subscribers per year.

  • Take part in our international events.

  • Get a massive discount when buying Kenjo.

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