Time Tracking and Time Sheet Management

Automated Time Tracking made easy.

Effortless and accurate employee time tracking. Manage timesheets, hours worked, overtime and absences with a simple click. Every employee counts.

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Smart Time Tracking for your employees

Image of Kenjo's time tracking software for desktop and mobile.


Seamless approval of working hours.

Image of Kenjo's time tracking software for desktop and mobile.


Digitalise working hours

Image of Kenjo's time tracking software for desktop and mobile.


Automatic Time Tracking.

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Secure and transparent employee time tracking!

Secure employee time tracking modules such as geolocation, pin code use or QR scanning

How Kenjo's Timesheet Software works for Managers and HR Departments

Team Leads and HR Managers can easily approve time off requests, vacations, and timesheets from any device with just one simple click. HR Departments can set defined time limits and keep an overview over mandatory break times and employee overtime. Our Time Tracker App automatically recognizes national and regional holidays, helping managers coordinate employees and workloads across multiple locations.

Image of Kenjo's time tracking software for Managers and HR Departments.

How Kenjo's Timesheet Software works for your Employees

Your employees can easily record their working hours with our software via App or Computer, helping everyone involved to keep a clear and organized overview of their working hours. Our Time Tracking App helps your employees focus more their daily tasks rather than bureaucratic timesheets, saving your company time and money. Overtime and Time Off are neatly integrated and displayed in our ecosystem - as is our Payroll software, giving you the true all-in-one HR Software service.

Image of Kenjo's time tracking software for employees.

Kenjo is here to help you with all your HR needs.


Time Tracking App

Young worker tracking his working hours with Kenjo's Punch clock.


The all-in-one Time Tracking Software

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Project Time Tracking

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Timesheet Data and Reports

Reports from Kenjo's time tracking software.


Control your working hours.

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Kenjo's integrations such as Slack, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Calendar.

Time Tracking - Timesheet FAQs

Do you want to digitize your timesheets and time tracking, but arent sure where to start? With Kenjo's online time sheets and our time tracking app, you're always one step ahead of the competition! But how does our time tracking app work? We at Kenjo have put together some frequently asked questions for you and answer everything you need to know about Time Tracking Software.

How does Kenjo's Time Tracking Software work?

Why should you digitise your time tracking?

Which devices can you use for Kenjo's Time Tracking?

Does Kenjo have integrated shift planning?

Will you have access to Kenjo's other modules?

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