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It’s your time to shine. Time tracking software for employees.

Enable employees to accurately and effortlessly record their time, attendance, and the number of hours that they’ve worked. After all, every employee counts.
Attendance management software Kenjo

The end of timesheet drama.

  • Effortlessly track the hours they’ve worked.
  • Start, breaks, and home time are all easy to input.
  • Mobile phones can be used to log their hours.
  • Schedules can be synced to personal calendars.
Office attendance app Kenjo
approve employees' clock-in and clock-out

Approval of timesheets made simple.

  • Approval of timesheets can be done from any device.
  • Regional holidays are automatically recognised.
hr team

Automated timesheets. Getting your time back. A win-win.

  • Hourly rates and overtime can be individually assigned.
  • Wages can be calculated on a monthly or weekly basis.
  • Reports are automatically generated.
  • Easy access to monthly and weekly time summaries.
attendance management software Kenjo
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