Absence Management

Managing vacations, absences, and sick leave has never been easier.

Enable your managers and employees to manage their own vacations, sick leave, and other absences with minimal effort and zero papers.

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Clever and Intuitive Time Off Management

  • Let our automated absence management software cut out your tiresome paperwork. Easily manage your vacation, time off, sick leave or work from home requests via our app or browser based software. Keep track of all requests, convert accumulated overtime into time off, and generate absence reports - all with a few simple clicks.


Streamline your request and approval process

  • Structured overview: Manage your employees absences more efficiently.

  • Save time: Empower your employees and save time by letting your employees record their own absences.

  • More freedom: Optimise your request and approval workflows and optimize your work-life balance.

  • Full transparency: Stay in full control over company holidays and overtime.


Holidays can be full of adventure. Requesting and approving them is easy.

  • Vacations requests can be made with just a few clicks.

  • Remaining holiday allowance can be seen at a glance.

  • Regional and national holidays are recognised and not deducted.

  • Approved vacations can be synced to personal calendars.

  • Working out of office can be synced with Slack.


Support your employees with our straightforward sick leave management

  • Less hassle and confusion with our paperless sick leave application process.

  • All sick leave requests and days off available at a glance.

  • Increased managerial awareness for accumulating sick days.

  • Seamless sick leave management workflows to help you avoid bottlenecks


Online Shift Planning Made Simple

  • Create and manage paperless shift plans.

  • Increased efficiency with one-click shift assignment.

  • Create Daily, Weekly, Monthly shift plans for more efficient working schedules.

  • Increase management efficiency by keeping track of pending requests and accumulated overtime.

How Kenjo's Absence Management Software works for Managers and HR Departments

In order to optimize and simplify the vacation and sick leave requests sent to managers and HR departments, all requests can be approved or rejected both from mobile and desktop devices. Kenjo's Absence Management Software recognizes and highlights vacation and time off overlaps with teams, giving managers the ability to effectively manage their teams productivity and downtime. Our clean and coherent dashboard helps to distinguish between vacation days, illnesses or absences and to optimize the teams workload. Thanks to its multi-permission settings, leave requests can be managed and approved by any member of staff that has been granted the necessary rights. Modern absence management doesn't need to be complicated.

    How Kenjo's Absence Management Software works for your employees

    With just a few clicks, employees can request time off and sick leave and automatically notify their managers. This saves time and money and gives your employees more transparency over the request and approval process. Employees can see how much remaining time off they have, helping them avoid any missundestansings and freeing up HR from redundant requests. The integrated smart calendar automatically tracks regional and national holidays, and avoids any unnecessary vacation deductions. Approved time off requests can also be synced with personal calendars as well as wirth slack - allowing all team members see who has booked time off.


      Customize Vacation and Absences

      • Establish individual types and categories of absences that employees can take.

      • Create absences policies with custom rules for each.

      • Customize absences and choose how to make them visible


      Vacation and Absence Management via App

      • Easy time off requets via Kenjo's mobile app.

      • Allow you employees to upload sick notes and other documents directly through the app.

      • Managers can approve or reject request directly from the App.


      Absence Management Reports

      • Access automatic reports that include planned, requested and approved time off from all employees.

      • Exports reports in CSV or Excel format.

      • Adapt the reports to the needs of your company and change the parameters of your choice.

      Absence Management FAQs

      Is your company and employe growth scaling, but your absence management workflows aren't keeping pace? Now's the best time to digitize all your time off, sick leave and vacation requests. With Kenjo, the all-in-one HR Software, you can easily keep track of holidays, sick days, and all other types of absences. We've prepared a short list of the most frequently asked questions below to help you transition to the perfect paperless solution.

      How can a digital absence management software support your HR department?

      What are the advantages of a digital vacation management?

      Who needs an absence management software?

      What can Kenjo's vacation management do?

      Which devices are compatible with Kenjo's absence management software?

      How can you simplify your vacation planning and absence management?

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