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Time off

Holiday, sickness, work from home and absence management. Now easy peasy.

Enable teams to assign and manage their own vacations, sick leave, out of office, and other absences. Time off for them. Time saved for the HR team. Happy days.

Holidays can be full of adventure. Booking them is easy.

  • Holiday requests can be made with a couple of clicks.
  • Remaining holiday allowance can be seen at a glance.
  • Regional holidays are recognised and not deducted.
  • Holidays can be synced to personal calendars.
  • Working out of office can be synced with Slack.

Take a vacation from confusion.

  • Holiday overlaps within their team can be easily seen.
  • Holiday requests can be approved from mobile phones.
  • Easy overviews of who’s on holiday, sick, or absent.
hr team

Time off for them. Time saved for you.

  • Save time by teams managing their own time off.
  • Access rights of the HR team can be assigned as needed.
  • Clear overview of holidays and the expiration dates.
  • Sick leave overviews show people who may need support.
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