HR Software for the Manufacturing Industry

The All-In-One HR Software that has everything you need to face the unique challenges of the Manufacturing Industry

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Why you need to use HR Software in the Manufacturing Industry

Attract new candidates

Find new workers in the industrial sector via our recruitment solution which integrates into different job websites.

Improve employee skills

Strengthen employee skills by creating made-to-measure plans.


Automate the processes that allow you to share expertise between retiring workers and new employees.

Career plans

Increase employee retention by creating and managing career plans intuitively.

Attendance management

Use a complete, flexible tool that allows you to track workers’ hours.

Improve internal communication

Improve communication among employees to make daily tasks more efficient.

Overcome obstacles to find workers

At Kenjo, we integrate with the most successful portals for finding candidates like engineers, quality control analysts, and factory managers, among others, to streamline the hiring process and reduce the time spent on filling professional roles.

Find candidates in the manufacturing industry

Efficiently manage the whole process of talent attraction and recruitment from start to finish, cutting the time needed to find candidates in the manufacturing industry.

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Improve employee skills

Thanks to technology, task automation and robotics in industries like engineering and industrial design, employees need to specialise in new skills. Analyse and identify these personal and professional needs with development management.

Make digitisation your ally

As an area manager, you can analyse employee skills to improve and enhance them, allowing you to boost productivity and be prepared for new company challenges.

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Simplify attendance recording

Take a detailed record of the hours worked by each employee throughout the day. Automatically calculate overtime and comply with the Working Time Directive.

Digital shift planning

What’s more, with Kenjo’s rotating shift programme, you can plan your employees’ schedules, allocate working days at different locations and receive notifications from your staff.

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