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Improve your employee performance review process and enable employees to truly thrive.

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Track and manage your future leaders with the talent matrix.

  • Create a visual map of your internal talent.

  • Personalise the minimum requirements and competencies that define excellence.

  • Create an objective appraisal system for promotions.

  • Identify who needs more support to reach business objectives.


Create your own templates or use ours, created by experts.

  • Create categories and ad hoc questions based on the skills you want to measure.

  • Access a library of predefined questions created by our experts.

  • Create consistency when reviewing employees to avoid noise and subjectivity.

  • Personalise your appraisal with different questions formats.


People performing at their best. That’s HR at its best.

  • Receive more regular feedback on employee performance.

  • Reports highlight managers who struggle with reviews.

  • Adherence to the feedback process can be tracked.

  • Templates provide an effortless review process.


Continuous feedback, personal and company growth.

  • Regular feedback creates more certainty and security.

  • Reduced anxiety about annual reviews.

  • Having psychological safety, they are able to thrive.

  • Employee and management expectations can be aligned.

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