Employee profiles

All employee information in one place - digital and clear

Save all documents and personal data in a digital file - save time and money

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Employee documentation in the cloud.

  • Personal document folder for every employee.

  • Doctor’s notes can be uploaded from a mobile device.

  • Reminders when visas or contracts are due to expire.

  • Access rights are customisable for the HR team.

  • Bulk import of payslip files, with each payslip being allocated to the correct folder.

HR Department

Digital personnel files for employers

  • A digital personnel file can be accessed from anywhere and at any time as long as there is an internet connection. This makes it easier for supervisors to access important information while on the road or from other locations.

  • Share and edit information with other employees and departments, leading to better collaboration and communication.

  • Supervisors can easily monitor and track the progress and performance of their employees by accessing the data in the digital personnel file.


Digital personnel file - Save time and effort

  • Digital storage of documents and information saves your staff time and effort by making it quick, easy to access and searchable.

  • A digital personnel file allows all relevant information to be stored and managed in one central location.

  • With a digital personnel file, information can be accessed from any device with internet access, which is especially convenient for front line employees.

  • Your digital personnel files are secure and accessible to only employee accounts with password based login. To ensure data security, you can also limit access of senstive information to specific employees or teams.


Kenjo on your mobile.

Designed for front line employees

  • Employees can log their hours.

  • Timesheets can be viewed.

  • Personal document folders can be accessed.

  • New documents can be uploaded.

  • Holidays can be requested.

  • Outstanding holiday allowance can be viewed.

  • Managers can approve or decline holiday requests.