Payroll management

Payroll software for calculating automatically your employees' payment.

Use a digital payroll software to easily manage the salaries of your full-time, part-time, hourly or shift workers.

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Streamlined payroll management

  • Calculate payrolls automatically according to the type of contract and hours worked.

  • Choose between fixed and/or variable payroll periods.

  • The data of payrolls is synchronised with workers' absences, hours worked and expected, as well as additional compensations.

  • Allow your tax advisor to download the necessary information.

  • Send payslips to your employees with just one click.


Software for every type of company

  • Payroll software adapted to all types of sectors: retail, manufacturing, services, healthcare, etc.

  • Simplifies payments to full-time, half-time, hourly or rotating shift workers.

  • Easily manage the payroll of workers in different workplaces.

  • Include automatically any additional pay such as night bonuses, performance bonuses or overtime pay.


Tailored to your needs

  • Add comments to your employees' pay slips.

  • Attach any files you need, such as certificates of absence or medical leaves.

  • Edit payslips to reflect any changes from previous payments.

  • Export the information of the payrolls with just one click.

  • Choose when to make payments: on a monthly basis, variable or from a specific date.