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Looking for streamlined recruitment software? Job done.

From finding the right people, to interviews and onboarding: our applicant tracking system does it all.
ATS software Kenjo

New job. Newly simple.

  • Branded job pages convey a sense of company culture.
  • Applying is possible on any device, including mobile.
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Job portals management app

Finding the best people. By combining innovative sourcing strategies.

  • Use the Kenjo browser extension to effortlessly capture profiles from LinkedIn and save their info straight to Kenjo's CRM.
  • Post jobs with your favourite sites such as LinkedIn, Xing, AngelList, Dribble, Stack Overflow, GitHub and increase your reach by advertising on more than 100 job portals across Europe.
  • Job openings can be posted on multiple job boards.
hr team

Finding the right people has never been so important. Nor so easy.

  • All candidate info is stored in one place.
  • Managers and recruiters can add notes on each candidate.
  • Interview notes are saved on the candidate profile.
  • Create databases of candidates called 'Talent Pools'
  • 'Talent Pools' can be accessed for future job openings.
Recruiters using Kenjo to find perfect candidates
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