How did Fintonic’s People Operations department go from three tools to just one in a single month? 

How Fintonic, in the fintech sector, reduced the People Operations department’s administrative load and boosted employee development thanks to Kenjo.


About Fintonic

Fintonic is a Fintech company born in 2011 with the aim of always being by the user’s side, helping them to make more of their money, improve their financial health and obtain, if they need it, better financing terms. With Fintech, users have an ally, someone who looks after their interests, and can even help them pay less for their light, gas, telephone and insurance. Fintonic has more than a million users and its workforce, which exceeds 140 employees, is based in Spain, Mexico and Chile.


Spain, Mexico and Chile


Performance reviews, Holidays and time off, Digital HR, Workflows, Reports & Analytics, Payroll management




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Marta Gárate Pasquín, People Manager and Verónica Bastos Pargas, People Operations, Fintonic

The challenges

Before using Kenjo, Fintonic’s People Operations department did not have a tool that integrated all its employees’ information. For example, to manage payroll, holidays, and performance reviews, they used three different programs. 

This meant addressing daily challenges such as how to efficiently manage data, provide access to employees to their work records, improve performance review procedures and publicly recognise achievements, as well as avoid loss of talent during the recruitment process. 

In essence, they needed to centralise and simplify their processes thanks to an intuitive and easy-access tool.

Finding simple solutions in one of Fintonic’s values and with Kenjo we have achieved that.

Marta Gárate, People Manager, Fintonic and Verónica Bastos, People Manager, Fintonic

How the solution helped

Reduction of administrative tasks

Thanks to Kenjo, Fintonic’s People Operations area has been able to manage time more effectively, minimising the number of administrative tasks they do manually. It has also helped them to work in a more coordinated way in teams thanks to Workflows, primarily relating to onboarding employees and assigning tasks to each department (People, IT Support, Hiring Manager).

Talent retention

Using a single, agile tool like Kenjo’s has allowed them to focus on other important issues related to managing and retaining Fintonic’s talent, such as the professional development plan. Now they can carry out performance reviews more efficiently and access employee information from a centralised platform. Moreover, finding simple solutions is one of Fintonic’s values and with Kenjo they are managing to make their talent’s experience enjoyable from start to finish.

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For Fintonic’s People department, Kenjo has brought time savings and better organisation by freeing them from manual methods that resulted in losses of information and time. 

What’s more, employees can access all their information on their profiles and can stay up to date with activities the company communicates via the software’s noticeboard. They have also managed to improve performance management, as now each team leader has the opportunity to carry out reviews for their respective teams methodically, periodically and effectively. Finally, they highlight the “excellent” customer service that completed the integration of the tool in just one month, clarifying queries at all times and meeting the agreed deadlines. 

Optimising performance reviews.

Improving communication with centralised, easy-access information.

Reducing the number of tools


We chose Kenjo because it is a renowned tool in this industry, easy to implement, intuitive and highly recommended by other colleagues in this area.

Marta Gárate, People Manager, Fintonic and Verónica Bastos, People Manager, Fintonic