From hiring to employee experience: Finding the perfect ingredients to hire like a pro

Thanks to Kenjo’s ATS and workflow features, Frischepost made sure it found the right people to work across different entities and improved their time and quality of hire, big time.


About Frischepost

Born in 2015, Frischepost is a fast-growing digital direct sales platform for regional and sustainably produced food. They deliver local food directly from farmers to urban consumers and thrive on creating total transparency about the origin and manufacturing process of each product. In this way, they achieve revolutionary freshness by eliminating intermediaries such as supermarkets and wholesalers.




Absence Management, Recruitment, Workflows, Payroll




Food and beverages


Michael Brundig - Head of People & Finance

The challenges

Frischepost started to adapt its concept from Hamburg to different cities across Germany. They specifically designed their product offering for the needs of each city with different entities, and they needed to hire 60 employees fast. Applications were flooding in on a monthly basis. Up until then, however, Frischepost wasn’t using HR admin or recruiting tools in alignment with their hiring process, nor did they have a designated HR person. They relied entirely on Excel spreadsheets to save and store all candidate information during recruitment. And we all know how painful and time-consuming that can be.

They desperately needed a better structure and reliable data management to create a solid database to help them organise employees spread across different cities. This was especially important as they were not only recruiting office people but also workers to pack and deliver the orders. The big question was how they could ensure everyone in the office was aligned with the employees working on packing and delivery, and how to ensure a smooth recruitment process for a range of different entities.

We were looking to create a solid database that helps us organise employees with a connection to self-services and better recruitment processes.


How the solution helped

Fast implementation and tailored onboarding

Frischepost was looking into seven different HR software companies. They immediately loved the fact that Kenjo was the only company that put Michael in touch with a tech-savvy product owner on the first call, instead of a salesperson. That way, Kenjo was able to discover what Frischepost really needed and tailored the onboarding exactly to their needs. Kenjo quickly found the perfect customised all-in-one employee data solution for Frischepost without the need for extra add-ons. Implementation was super fast: it took less than ten days from signing the contract to entering the first employee data. And all this without a coherent database to rely on before setup.

Improved quality of recruiting processes

During the first Covid-19 lockdown, Frischepost needed to increase their staff as many house-ridden people wanted to buy their food online. They hired thirty people within two weeks in very rapid interview cycles. However, finding the right people who share the same values and beliefs is crucial, and organisations should never lose sight of that even in the biggest of storms. For Frischepost, having already implemented Kenjo’s recruitment tool was vital. It helped them organise the massive growth in blue-collar workers and keep track of all their processes and data in one CV database, enabling them to find the best person for the job. For example, they were able to use hiring managers from different offices to take over parts of the interview process at any time or location. This was especially important to Frischepost as their operation grew in different cities with people working both in offices and in packing and delivery offsite. Another thing that Michael found particularly useful were Kenjo’s custom templates with placeholders conveying a sense of company culture.

Michael emphasises that, compared to other companies, it was clear that Kenjo’s constant development of features shows they actually listen and adapt to their clients' needs. Kenjo’s regular new and enhanced releases led Frischepost to try out the automated, quick PULSE surveys that measure employee satisfaction and gather anonymous first-hand feedback. This discovered that employees wanted more recognition for their work and they were able to act quickly and adapt to their employees’ needs.

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By implementing Kenjo’s HR Software into their work processes early on, Frischepost was well-prepared for the rapid growth they experienced this year across their different entities. They now have better and more efficient recruitment processes stored in one place and accessible from anywhere. This means they can ensure candidates are handled punctually and uniformly by the different HR managers who access it. Furthermore, employee data and document administration is now much more reliable.

Organising and managing 60 new hires in just a few months with one tool.

Using Kenjo’s browser extension to capture profiles from LinkedIn and save their info straight to Kenjo's CRM.

Focusing on organic growth by prioritising employee feedback and company culture.


Kenjo’s Applicant Tracking System really saved my life as an HR manager.