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Kenjo's office with some of the employees.
Kenjo's office with some of the employees.

Who are we?

We are the all-in-one HR Software designed to manage your SMBs workforce across all industries.

Through one single platform, companies can optimise the most important operations and processes of people management and truly make HR a key part of the success and development of their employees.

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Kenjo's office with some of the employees.

Our history

A photo of Kenjo's founder and CEO, David Padilla.

In 2017, David Padilla, - CEO of the company - founded Kenjo in Berlin as a solution aimed at reducing the burden of HR administrative tasks and automating processes. The project came about after his experience as founder of Empaua - a Salesforce consultancy - and the need for specific people management and internal talent improvement tools.

Soon after opening our first office in Berlin, we opened three more in Madrid, Mexico City and Zurich. Today we have the support of well-known investors and are present in five markets: Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Latin America.

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Our mission at Kenjo is to provide the most advanced technology and knowledge for companies to optimise their workforce management. We want to streamline their internal communication, data access and recruitment processes in compliance with current regulations. 


We believe in a world where HR is a key part of organisations, with the ability to positively impact their culture, strategy and employee satisfaction. We seek to simplify the performance of tasks and facilitate compliance with labour regulations so that they can focus on the development of their employees. 

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Our Values



Stay active

We maintain a healthy level of emotional intelligence and self-awareness. We know our limits, our values and take care of our health.



We build strong relationships based on trust with colleagues, customers and partners. We always try to leave a positive mark on others.


Wise words

We have the courage to speak our minds, but we also show respect and listen carefully; we engage in constructive, useful and healthy dialogue.


Be hungry

We see failure as an opportunity to grow. We believe in fostering transparency and a creative environment of people who think outside the box and speak out.


Own your power

We take responsibility for what we do and for our personal development. We create work dynamics that inspire others and make us grow.

At Kenjo we have the support of HR experts

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