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6 Reasons why Kenjoy is the best HR Solution for the Education Industry

Easy recruitment

Manage all recruitment stages in one app - attracting the right educational talent even faster.

Learning and Development

Plan, create and develop employee trainings, helping your staff's skill set grow.

Store documents

With a single click, save all important documents securely and compliant.

Reduce Payroll Workload

Reduce the amount of effort it takes to complete payroll tasks by taking full control over monthly adjustments for overtime, sick leave, absences, etc.

Schedule Management

Easily plan and cover for Staff vacations, absences, or illness.

Improve internal communication

Simplified and more effective communication through our employee portal.

Coordinate and schedule your employees hours and shifts

With our shift plan feature you can easily see and manage all available staff – from educators, to cafeteria employees and maintenance staff.

Absences are no longer an issue

Coordinate employee absences, vacations or sick leave - all in one simple and easy-to-understand dashboard.

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Find the best talent

Reduce the time it takes to hire new staff, whether it's teachers, administrative staff, support staff, cleaners or maintenance staff. Fast and effective - everything you need in a single app.

Teachers, Administrators and Support Staff

Create and activate new job openings and automatically include all employees involved in the hiring process.

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Help your employees develop their full potential

Increase and develop the quality of your education and increase employee satisfaction with performance reviews and career plans.

Professional development

There's no better way to improve the quality of your education than through targeted faculty development. With Kenjo, you can create customized training plans by analyzing employee competencies that you’ve gathered through our performance reviews.

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