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6 good reasons for digital HR management in retail

Easy recruitment

Manage all recruitment stages in one app - attracting the right candidates even faster.

High employee retention

Greater employer appeal through successful communication and specific public HR initiatives.

Reduce labor cost

Optimise shifts making sure that the right staff work in the right store at the right time.

Easily manage time off

Overview of potential time tracking challenges and easy adjustments in one place.

Cut down scheduling processes

Cross-site tracking of the most important business operations as a single point of contact.

Cross-site management

Easily manage staff across multiple sites and teams.

The retail digital transformation

The workforce management solution that makes a difference.

Finding and attracting skilled employees

Retailers have to deal with a new pool of candidates to find experienced professionals. They need efficient recruitment support to address candidates in an innovative manner, tailored to the specific target group.

Optimised recruiting processes

Kenjo's innovative recruitment strategies help retailers find the right people.


Time off management and reduction of absenteeism

Given the high rate of absenteeism in the retail sector, digitally processing leave days, absences and time recording is essential.

Digital data management and evaluation

With Kenjo, leave requests are digitised, absences recorded in a single place and absence rates calculated automatically thanks to intelligent data analysis.


Empower your staff to own their shifts

Easily manage staff across multiple locations and teams with Kenjo.

Digital shift planning

Kenjo's online shift planner provides hassle-free allocation of locations and duty stations, improving visibility of working hours.


Ready for digital jobs

Digitalisation has changed job profiles in retail: new professions are emerging and old job profiles are undergoing fundamental change. Training and developing existing staff to undertake new tasks is therefore one of the basic requirements for successful companies.

Successfully introducing employees to new technologies

Kenjo helps companies to guide their employees through the digital change process and is on board even before their first day at work.


Improved employer branding

In order to attract and retain young talent in the retail sector, as well as lower a high turnover rate, it is important to improve the existing company culture and internal policies and communicate the image to the outside world.

Feedback and personal growth

Kenjo's HR software for employee satisfaction and performance is tailored to the needs of retailers and helps to implement targeted HR marketing measures for an excellent working climate.


The single source of truth for employees

We look forward to talking to you in person about the many ways Kenjo can be used and how we can support branch managers, managers and HR professionals.

Tales of transformation

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Kenjo’s software has been designed to be easy and intuitive to use that it even accommodates employees who still have to navigate the digital world.



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