Kenjo Kiosk Interface

Track the working hours of your staff  transparently, fast and on any device

Use our onsite and offsite tracking system Kenjo Kiosk Interface, which allows your employees to easily check in and out using a QR code or PIN. Kiosk is integrated into our software, giving you access to all the latest data on all platforms in a scalable system.

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Discover Kenjo's brand new kiosk user interface now - Optimized for frontline employees and employees working in an office

Allow your shift workers or frontline employees to log in and out independently on-site. Our cost-effective solution runs on any tablet, so your employees don't even need a mobile phone.

Kenjo time tracking kiosk succesfully activated..




Seamless time tracking - Simple, secure and for a cross-device usage

Kenjo time tracking kiosk.


High security standards and transparency - Prevent security gaps

Kenjo time tracking kiosk.


Easy to use - Save costs thanks to the low administration

Kenjo time tracking kiosk, enter your pin code.


Kiosk - a time tracking system for all types of work

Kenjo time tracking kiosk, scan QR code.