Maximize the efficiency of your IT infrastructure

As an IT manager, you are responsible for the smooth functioning of the IT systems in your company. Kenjo's all-in-one HR solution offers you the perfect support to optimize your IT infrastructure while meeting data protection and compliance requirements.

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Data security for sustainable IT success

In the area of ​​security, access to reliable data plays a crucial role. Our comprehensive HR software not only offers the IT manager the opportunity to access a wide range of data, but also ensures its security and integrity. Through sound data analysis, IT can make informed decisions and optimize the IT strategy in the long term.

For an HR department that understands the needs of the IT manager

Our solution meets the specific needs of the IT department. We help solve IT HR challenges, including payroll management and compliance, with solutions that meet the needs of the IT manager.

Security and trust in your IT processes

Meet regulatory requirements and security standards for a trustworthy IT infrastructure. With Kenjo's reliable HR software, you minimize legal risks and strengthen trust in your IT processes.

Efficient processes for a transparent and committed IT team

Create clear and effective workflows to support your IT team. Our solution establishes transparent processes and motivates your team for an optimal IT infrastructure.

All the support the IT manager needs from the HR department

Privacy and security

Whistleblower system

Data processing

Modernisation of the HR-management - A success story with Kenjo at Rehabilitation Centre Worms


Time tracking software features

Digital HR software features

Transform your HR department from paper tiger to digital pioneer.

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