A 40% reduction in time to recruit with digital processes

How Indivumed freed up employees' time and established transparent and data-compliant procedures by automating its recruitment processes.


About Indivumed

Since its inception in 2002, Indivumed GmbH has been the driver of innovation in oncological research. With their high-quality biobank and the world’s first and most comprehensive multi-omics cancer database, the company has set itself the goal of deciphering the complexities of cancer diseases. They want to use this for the development of personalised therapy and rendering the insights useful for therapy.


Germany, USA, Italy, Spain and Japan


Digital HR, Recruitment, Goals and OKR






Irjad Ajvazi, Director Talent Acquisition

The challenges

As an international biotech company, with offices across several countries and continents, Indivumed needs to be ready to respond to business developments at any time. However, an analogue HR administration meant that the HR department always found itself overwhelmed with time consuming admin tasks. Open positions were advertised manually and applications were managed by email in Outlook. Feedback on the interviews conducted was passed on by email to HR managers.

Similarly, they used hard-copy forms for performance reviews, which were filled out on paper and disappeared into folders in different locations. Research requests and communication between different departments and management levels therefore took up an unnecessary amount of time and resources. Consequently, they began looking for a digital and intuitive HR software with the highest possible degree of automation that complied with European data protection directives. They wanted to move away from classic applications via email, towards a systemic way of working, where all departments and managers involved have global access to the relevant information, thus ensuring a transparent way of working.

All recruitment processes had to become more digitised


How the solution helped

Fully digitised recruitment strategy

Kenjo is in charge of the complete digitalisation of Indivumed's recruitment strategy. Kenjo's applicant management software stores all applicant information as the process advances. HR managers can add their comments to each applicant profile, view them at any time, from any device, and initiate further processes if needed. This transparency was the deciding factor for Indivumed in choosing Kenjo. By eliminating the complicated coordination and filing of individual application documents, Indivumed has reduced it’s time spent on these tasks by 40%!

In addition, Indivumed uses talent pools, where they create databases of unsuccessful candidates that the respective department can revert to for future job openings. For Indivumed, it is vital that applicants are informed about their rights in a data protection-compliant manner and can actively opt in or out. In Germany, for example, companies are not allowed to keep application documents in the system for longer than six months without the candidates' consent. With Kenjo, this approval process consists merely of a tick in the right box.

Intuitive management

Right now, Indivumed is building a pilot project to align the company more strategically using Kenjo's OKR software. For this purpose, the teams use feedback meetings to develop objective agreements that are digitally stored and modifiable. Indivumed is delighted to see further benefits here, as the self-explanatory, intuitive introduction and use of the tool itself, mean that all employees receive the same training, and queries to the HR department are therefore no longer necessary.

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The implementation of digital recruitment has not only resulted in higher employee satisfaction at Indivumed, but also in an enormous time saving of 40% when hiring new employees. Among other things, this is achieved through faster processing thanks to Kenjo's applicant management software, which automates and regulates everything, from the search for suitable employees, to interviews and onboarding all in one place.

40% time saved in recruitment processes because of digitisation

Easy to use for all employees

Worldwide access to data


Thanks to Kenjo, we are much more transparent in our work and provide our HR managers with in-depth visibility of all relevant processes.