How clothing embellisher 11teamsports Print GmbH manages to save a whole working week in time per month

This is how Kenjo helped recruiters save eight working hours every week as well as improving communication between offices and the production floor.


About 11teamsports

As an independent company, 11teamsports Print GmbH handles all the textiles required for football, from the amateur league to the Champions League, for an impressive range of sports and lifestyle products.




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Christopher-Neal Gaa, HR Manager

The challenges

11teamsports Print GmbH was working with two different, incompatible HR softwares, so HR management was confusing and unstructured. All candidates and new employees were entered manually into the system. There were no workflows or automations, and the coordination channels were often long and cumbersome. In addition, the company did not have its own career site and had difficulty approaching and finding suitable applicants in clothing embellishment.

Furthermore, the company grew by sixty new employees within a year, meaning old structures had to be completely redefined and processes simplified. The challenge was to digitise the HR department and to convince the production staff that a change from conventional methods such as Excel lists, hardcopy and files to digital possibilities would significantly simplify the processes in their daily work. In this digital transformation, 11teamsports Print GmbH worked closely with Kenjo.

Thanks to Kenjo, every month we save an entire work week in recruitment alone!


How the solution helped

Improved employer branding

Thanks to Kenjo, the full lifecycle from application to hiring to leaving is now covered with just a few clicks. By creating and personalising their career website with Kenjo, 11teamsports Print GmbH has been able to significantly improve their reach and also build and strengthen their employer branding. Once an application has been submitted, candidates are directly entered into the system thanks to Kenjo's recruiting function and HR managers can automatically send invitations, rejections and status updates, as well as change applicants to employees.

This is where 11teamsports Print GmbH relies on Kenjo's Reports & Analytics feature to look specifically at which channels are proving effective in targeting the right workers and to explore departments with high turnover. In recruiting alone, for example, the company has been able to save about six to eight man-hours per week by digitising and streamlining old processes.

Improved communication between offices and warehouse

Once on board, staff can upload important information such as ID and bank details before their first day of work. Workflows remind employees of the approaching end of probationary periods, end of contracts and, for foreign colleagues, that they need to renew their residence permits in time and much more. This means that the entire onboarding process for new colleagues and departments is now structured, transparent and comprehensible. Communication between departments and production units has improved considerably and even non-web-savvy departments have been able to familiarise themselves quickly with the user-friendly system.

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Due to the huge time savings delivered by Kenjo’s unified HR software, 11teamsports Print GmbH was able to use their resources elsewhere. Their focus shifted from long, confusing processes and administrative activities to profitable activities and tackling new topics for which there was no time before. The ease of use and intuitiveness of Kenjo's HR software was key to appealing to all employees, both in the office and on the shop floor.

One full working week per month of recruiting time saved.

Improved communication between the offices and the factory floor.

Switching from two HR systems to Kenjo’s all-in-one HR software.


Kenjo played a crucial role in our modernization: thanks to Kenjo’s software, we were able to fully digitalize the way we work in the company.