Do more.
In less time.
With less stress.

Your all-in-one HR solution built specifically for deskless workforces.

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Navigate HR complexity
with all-in-one simplicity.

Small and mid-sized businesses with deskless employees are facing a lot of pressure. A tight labor market, manual HR and operational processes, and inefficient data management are placing significant burden on personnel managers and heads of HR.

Optimize recruitment

Save 40% of your time on attracting and retaining skilled workers, by optimizing recruitment, employee onboarding, and performance reviews.

Streamline processes

Save more than 50% of your time on managing shift schedules, attendance, and time off, while reducing errors, and giving you more time to focus on helping your organization reach its full potential.

Centralize data

Stay organized and meet compliance regulations by digitizing your employee payroll, personnel files and documents into one secure, central-source-of-truth.

All the support you need for managing
your deskless workforce.

Stay organised with automated, streamlined processes.

Minimize admin work and spend time and energy on what matters.

Supporting your recruitment tasks.

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Shape positive workplace experiences.

Ensure effective data management and communication within a single platform.

Stay compliant with all EU regulations.

Transition your HR department from surviving to thriving.

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