Moventia reduces its recruitment processes and the number of administrative tasks by 30%.

Thanks to Kenjo, Moventia, a leader in public mobility services, was able to save a substantial amount  of time by automating its recruitment processes. The implementation of Kenjo was key at a time when the company needed to organise all its candidate information in an easy and intuitive to use platform.


About Moventia

Moventia is a company dedicated to mobility, made up of two divisions: Moventis, public transport operators, and Movento, specialists in the distribution and repair of automobiles.


Spain and France


Recruitment and selection of personnel






Nacho Cabeza Herrero, Head of the Recruitment Department at Moventia


Before using Kenjo, Moventia’s recruitment department was still under development. The main challenge was to structure unique procedures and processes for all the companies that make up Moventia.

In addition, the recruitment department needed to unify its operations in order to have transparent and reliable information that would help the team make the right decisions for the future of the company. It was of great importance for Moventia to start automating parts of the selection process and certain tasks - mainly administrative - that it considered essential for the company.

"Thanks to Kenjo, we have reduced the time spent on repetitive administrative tasks and we have better control over the high volume of processes we manage"

Nacho Cabeza Herrero, Head of the Recruitment Department at Moventia

How did we solve it?


Thanks to Kenjo's recruitment software, Moventia now has an easy and fast system with which to manage this process. This functionality allows the search for suitable candidates to be combined with an active search and a job board strategy. It also gives the possibility to schedule the interview process and perform the onboarding after recruitment. In addition, with Kenjo you can create a database of professionals in which all the information is recorded for future selection processes.

Task automation and ease of use

Thanks to the recruitment module, Moventia has automated a series of actions and reduced the time spent on administrative and repetitive tasks. On the other hand, the team shied away from tools that were overly complex or with a large amount of functionalities that they were not going to take advantage of. In this sense, the speed with which its employees started to use Kenjo's functionalities was a major success factor. 

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With Kenjo, Moventia has managed to save up to 30% of the time it used to spend on daily and manual recruitment processes. It has also reduced the number of administrative and repetitive tasks, as well as better controlling the high volume of processes the company manages. By making them standard and homogeneous across the group, the perception of its internal customers has improved, as the company can now respond to their demands more effectively. Similarly, it also has better communication with candidates applying for vacancies, leading to greater satisfaction on their part. As a result, the HR team is now more available for other tasks.

Moventia highlights Kenjo's ease of implementation, which allowed them to introduce improvements to the software based on the company's particular needs. 

Up to 30% savings in recruitment and administrative time.

Improved communication with candidates.

Organisation and automation of selection processes


"We chose Kenjo because it was a versatile tool, which gave us the option to parameterise it according to our needs and because it was visually very simple and clean".

Nacho Cabeza Herrero, Head of the Recruitment Department at Moventia