Optimize your finances with Kenjo's all-in-one HR solution

The perfect solution to support CFOs in small and medium sized businesses - designed to enhance operations in any industry with deskless staff.

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Data-based financial decisions for sustainable success

Use our all-in-one HR software to make informed decisions and optimize your finance department.

For an HR department that understands the CFO

Navigate all of today's HR challenges and find effective solutions for payroll management and compliance.

Security and trust

Ensure legal compliance with Kenjo's HR software to minimize legal risks.

Effective processes for a transparent and committed finance team

Create successful workflows and keep your team on track - for an optimal finance process.

All the support you as a CFO need from your HR department

Streamline your recruiting with Kenjo's applicant management software

Optimize your talent management with Kenjo's OKR software

Advanced digitalization with Kenjo's HR software

Modernisation of the HR-management - A success story with Kenjo at Rehabilitation Centre Worms


Increase employee satisfaction with Kenjo's engagement software

Optimize your HR decisions with Kenjos HR Analytics

Transform your HR department from paper tiger to digital pioneer.

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