Friolisa Pomona Iberia reduced their time spent on managing documents and time off requests by 30%.

Thanks to Kenjo, Friolisa Pomona Iberia, from the Food Service sector, was able to save a substantial amount of time by automating its HR processes and improving communication between teams. The implementation of Kenjo was key at a time when the company needed to centralise information on a platform that was easy and intuitive for its employees to use.


About Friolisa Pomona Iberia

Friolisa Pomona Iberia is a company specialised in the distribution and marketing of frozen, refrigerated and ambient food products. The company has over 200 employees and is operating in Catalonian (Spain).




Absences and holidays, Documentation, Workflows.

Number of employees



Food Services

Project Manager

Marina Cumbriu, HR Responsable, Friolisa Pomona Iberia

The challenge

Before using Kenjo, Friolisa Pomona Iberia used different tools, including Excel, to manage most of its HR tasks and processes, such as holidays and absences or time and attendance management. This made it difficult to maintain an agile and centralised organisation as too much time was being spent on manual tasks.

On the other hand, since 2020 and with the arrival of Covid, the HR department of Friolisa Pomona Iberia felt the need to implement software to facilitate communication and processes between employees. Moreover, as a distributor of staple foods, its activity never ceased at any time. Therefore, it was essential to maintain direct and agile contact between employees who continued to work in person and those who worked from home or in the offices.

"With Kenjo, we have been able to centralise a large part of our HR processes and save up to 30% in time spent on administrative tasks, especially in document management and holiday and absence management".

Marina Cumbriu, HR Responsable, Friolisa Pomona Iberia

How did we solve it?

Holidays and absences

Thanks to Kenjo's leave and absence software, Friolisa Pomona Iberia now has a quick and easy system to manage this process. This functionality allows teams to directly request their own absences and team managers to approve them with just one click. In addition, Friolisa Pomona Iberia employees can quickly see who among their colleagues is working and who is absent, improving communication and workflows between them.

Centralisation of information and automation of processes

Friolisa Pomona Iberia has been able to automate a large part of its manual processes thanks to Kenjo's workflow functionality. In addition, through digital HR management, it has managed to centralise the information, documents and data of its employees in a single space, simplifying its management and handling.

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With Kenjo, Friolisa Pomona Iberia has saved 30% of the time spent on daily and manual processes. It has also reduced the number of administrative tasks and centralised its employee information in a single space. This has enabled the HR department to better manage the workforce and be more efficient. In addition, it has also achieved one of its main objectives: to streamline and centralise employee holidays and absences. Thanks to this, the HR team now has greater availability for other tasks and the teams have more autonomy.

Friolisa Pomona Iberia highlights the ease of use and how intuitive Kenjo is for its employees, even for those who are not familiar with the use of software or a computer.

30% of time saved spent on administrative tasks.

Improving internal communication.

Automation of processes and centralisation of information.


"We are very happy with Kenjo because it is a very user-friendly solution, even for those employees with less technical knowledge or who are not familiar with using a software or a computer."

Marina Cumbriu, HR Responsable, Friolisa Pomona Iberia