Boosting employee engagement with unique automated onboarding

How Kenjo helped EMPAUA to streamline and automate their entire onboarding process.


About Empaua

EMPAUA is Europe's only IT consultancy specialising in Salesforce in the start-up sector. Using advanced cloud technology, they help hypergrowth companies improve their customer and employee experiences.


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Onboarding automation and Goal & OKR system




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Elena Lange - People & Culture

The challenges

Like many IT companies these days, EMPAUA was struggling to find suitable candidates for their very specific salesforce roles. Even more so, with five offices across different countries, they needed to establish smooth routines and processes to keep employees in the loop at all times and from whatever device. They also wanted to get rid of their fragmented HR processes, having their HR procedures spread across a vast number of different excel sheets, divided between different tasks and people, adding to a sense of confusion and frustration. So, how could we help them structure their HR processes into one easily accessible and consistent database, to increase employee satisfaction across their company?

We chose Kenjo because we wanted to embed all our process steps in one tool to make the onboarding process better


How the solution helped

Streamlined employee onboarding

"We are delighted with Kenjo's self-explanatory user-friendliness, customer support and attractive price-performance ratio,” says Elena. All employee data is centrally stored in one folder in the cloud and can be easily accessed by all employees at any given time - no matter where they are. EMPAUA particularly loves to use Kenjo’s goals and OKRs feature to encourage employees to work independently and with higher motivation. Employees can see what they have already achieved over time, or compare realistic objectives with their colleagues.

Fully digitalised and automated processes

Automated notifications help to adhere to defined structures and send out emails on specific dates, such as a week before the first day of work. All colleagues are represented at a glance with their names and photos in the onboarding tool. This makes for a professional and inviting impression. Thanks to this presentation, people know that EMPAUA has a bigger plan and company vision, giving them a sense of belonging. This sets EMPAUA apart from its competitors and is a real competitive advantage in the battle for the much sought-after skilled workers.

Premium or Professional.
Which is right for you?

In a 30 minute personalised demo, our head of sales Bart will show you all the features of Kenjo and help you decide which plan is right for you.



Implementing Kenjo’s HR software at EMPAUA was a smashing success, helping them to streamline and automate their entire onboarding process. This improved internal employee satisfaction big time, with many of their new employees remarking on the outstanding onboarding experience which they have never experienced before in other companies. It made them feel right at home at EMPAUA and assured them on making the right choice with EMPAUA in the first place.

Consistent presentation of all data to new hires.

Bringing together employees at different locations.


Goal and OKR setting helps to improve performance.


We have deliberately chosen Kenjo for its consistent presentation of all data.