Streamloots saves 60% of time in employee onboarding thanks to Kenjo 

Discover how Streamloots has managed to save a great deal of time and resources by automating processes and centralizing and unifying employee information in a single, intuitive and easy-to-use platform for the workforce.


About Streamloots

Streamloots is a platform that connects content creators with their fans. In this way and through the solutions it offers, creators can monetize their content, build their community and spend enjoyable moments with their fans. The company has more than 40 employees and is present in Spain, Portugal, Canada and the USA. 


Spain, Portugal, Canada and the USA. 


Timekeeping, absences and vacations, targets & OKRs, documentation, workflows, reporting & analytics, payroll information




Entertainment and technology


Hortensia Espíritu, Human Resources Business Partner

The challenges

As the Streamloots team grew, employee and process information was spread out over too many spaces. For example, for clocking in they needed a specific application; for documentation, a folder; and for other things, Excel documents. In short, it was impractical to find the information and work quickly and efficiently. 

On the other hand, they lacked automated processes for aspects such as onboarding, hiring, vacation and absence management and working environment surveys. This meant that they were spending too much time and resources, without being able to devote themselves to other equally important aspects.

Kenjo's Process automation has been a real breakthrough because we have eliminated most of the manual tasks

Hortensia Espíritu, HRBP, Streamloots

How the solution helped?

Process automation 

Thanks to Kenjo's workflow functionality, the Streamloots HR team was able to automate a large number of processes and reduce the number of manual tasks. One of these is the onboarding and offboarding of employees, especially when it comes to registering an employee, gathering their information, sending it to the consultancy, or welcoming new members. They have also automated the sending of work environment surveys, payroll management, the process of requesting and approving vacations, and the labor booking process, which is now more intuitive and easier for the whole team to use. 

Centralization of information 

Through digital HR management, Streamloots has managed to unify all employee information in a single space and in the cloud. Thus, instead of using multiple programs or platforms, they use a single solution to store employee documents, payrolls and manage all processes at each stage of their working life.

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With Kenjo, Streamloots has reduced the time spent on each onboarding by 60%, as well as unifying the resources and organization of people management. In addition, the HR team has gained agility in process management, being able to access the information they need in just a few clicks. In this way, it has reduced the number of manual processes, the time and resources invested and the number of tools used. On the other hand, they stress the ease of use and intuitiveness of Kenjo for employees, which has a positive impact on their job satisfaction.

Savings of 60% in time per onboarding

Reduction of manual processes and the number of HR tools

Centralization of information and saving of time and resources 


It is very difficult for other platforms to match the level of expertise and possibilities that Kenjo offers

Hortensia Espíritu, HRBP, Streamloots