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About Oneservice

Oneservice is a global and independent provider of after-sales support services, offering comprehensive managed service solutions and consulting for the life science, diagnostics and medical device industries. Also, oneservice is the first company to offer a complete learning solution on "customer delight through service excellence" with an online academy blended eLearning and consulting solutions. The company has more than 25 years of experience supporting customers in all aspects of customer service. Its headquarters are in Switzerland, and it also has offices in Germany, the UK and the USA.


Europe, USA


Time off, digital HR, workflow management, recruiting, performance reviews






Julia Fempel, Service & Office Administration Specialist

The challenges

Since its foundation in 2017, oneservice is experiencing rapid growth. They now operate branches in the USA and Europe and have had a double-digit increase in their workforce in 2020 alone.

This global structure meant that oneservice had to use different strategies in the classic HR areas of recruiting, onboarding, document management and time off for each country. After all, labour laws are different in every country and need to be managed accordingly. Kenjo's all-in-one HR software enabled them to keep constant track of all employee data digitally,  such as contracts and the different regional holidays worldwide, and to adjust them if necessary.

One glance into the smart docs is enough, and our management can get an overview and handle different HR-related activities across two different continents at any given time.


How the solution helped

Managing human resources across two continents

Onerservice works in the booming field of life science and diagnostics. So, at the beginning of its startup phase, it focused on building up its core area, and thus, hiring skilled staff. As is so often the case in SMEs, HR management was handled on the fly by other staff when necessary and in various Excel spreadsheets. However, no global player with several international locations can sustain this in the long run. As they were experiencing rapid growth, they incorporated Kenjo's digital self-management feature early on, to standardise and optimise their human resource management worldwide.

Here, for example, Kenjo's time recording function automatically shows oneservice all regional holidays in the respective countries where it has offices. Likewise, sick leave, employment contracts and documents can be conveniently uploaded on mobile phones, edited or approved by supervisors at any time. For an international company like onservice, the digital and always available internal documents offer an enormous advantage. Every employee can look up company standards without having to consult the respective HR manager - no matter where they are based.

Automated workflows during recruitment

Oneservice finds Kenjo's workflows particularly useful, allowing managers to add and save their comments in each candidate profile before, during and after a job interview. This overview enables managers to look into all the necessary information at any given time and location during the recruitment process - and intervene if need be. Constant communication with candidates and recruiters at their various locations increases the company's effectiveness - thanks to automated and globally accessible workflows.

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As a global player, oneservice trusts Kenjo's standardised and automated HR software to digitise their HR processes.

Worldwide standardised HR data at all offices.

Features are tailored to regional requirements.

Automated workflows and communication help the recruiting process.


We recommend that every fast-growing business invests in HR software from the beginning to digitise its entire HR management.