G-tec reduces staff turnover by 30% and improves data analysis




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Dania Benavides and Samantha Salgado, HR Direction


Reports and analytics, attendance and time off

"Kenjo is a very comprehensive platform that allows us to focus on assessing the status and continuous growth of the employee, which provides us with gradual growth in our HR area".

Dania Benavides


HR Direction of G-tec iluminación

About G-tec iluminación

"G-tec iluminación is a group of specialists focused on high-end lighting design through leading international brands. Their professionalism and attention to detail is expressed through each and every project. The company has 55 employees working in Mexico City, San Jose del Cabo and Monterrey".

Favourite features

Reports and analytics


Time off

"Thanks to the data analytics provided by Kenjo, we have been able to reduce the staff turnover by 30% and improve employee performance".

Samantha Salgado


HR Direction, G-tec iluminación

The challenge

Prior to using Kenjo, G-tec iluminación used manual tools and spreadsheets to analyse data such as employee attendance, working hours, leave and holiday management. This meant that there was no effective employee care or personalised attention. In addition, with workplaces in 3 different cities and employees in home office, they needed a system capable of improving communication between all departments of the organisation.

How did we solve this?

"After evaluating different companies, we had a very good experience with Kenjo with the service they provided and the applications and integrations were right for the size of our company".

Dania Benavides


HR Direction of G-tec iluminación

Employee attendance

With Kenjo, G-tec iluminación has been able to better track employee attendance through specific attendance and time off solutions. The platform enabled the possibility for their employees to register the start and end time of their working day, giving the HR Department visibility over the accumulated overtime. This made it possible to better manage their workload and provide better employee care, for example by hiring additional staff. On the other hand, employees can now request their holidays and absences quickly and easily, even directly via Kenjo's mobile app, while managers can easily manage these requests, giving them greater visibility of their needs.

HR data analysis and increased personalisation

Kenjo has helped G-tec iluminación optimise their HR processes and tasks thanks to their reporting and analytics solution, enabling them to improve and advance their employee evaluations - specifically in the areas of work time and absence management. With Kenjos solution, G-tec iluminación is able to track all relevant data and automatically generate monthly graphs and reports. In addition, G-tec iluminación highlights the improved communication with employees through the platform's anniversary and birthday reminder. In this way, the company can now send gifts to employees and they can receive congratulations from their colleagues.


Thanks to Kenjo, G-tec iluminación has a precise analysis of their HR KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that help them to optimise their management and improve the working conditions of their employees. In addition, they can centralise information from their three offices, including home office workers, and better track their attendance and performance. This has contributed to a 30% reduction in staff turnover and improved communication between HR and its employees.

Reduction of staff turnover by 30%

Detailed analysis of HR KPIs

Greater attention and personalised care for employees

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