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Discover how we helped CARTO migrate all its employee data from Bamboo HR to Kenjo.


About Carto

CARTO was founded in Madrid in 2012 and today is a leader in the location intelligence sector. Through its SaaS platform, CARTO has revolutionised the geolocation data world by enabling companies to improve their processes and business objectives through data collection, handling and analysis. The company has offices across multiple locations, mainly across the US (New York) and different cities throughout Spain. Some of their most prolific clients include NASA, Google and Twitter.




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Location Intelligence


Jose Martín-Corral, HR & Recruitment

The challenges

The onset of COVID-19 forced numerous HR departments to reinvent themselves. CARTO had two challenges to face: to reduce the costs of HR tools and automate their tasks and processes.

Managing a workforce of 125 employees with a three-strong HR team requires agility, as well as automating processes and streamlining as many of them as possible. However, this wasn't an option with the tools they had in place.

On the other hand, the HR tool they were using, Bamboo HR, didn't cover everything that CARTO needed to comply with time and attendance laws. Being unable to download timekeeping records and demonstrate employees' working hours in line with the law was a major concern.

HR & Recruitment manager Jose chose Kenjo after looking at 15 different international HR tools. He was won over by its flexibility in covering day-to-day and legal requirements, and we dived in to help.

Once the main challenges were met, we could then implement some new features that CARTO didn't have access to with its previous HR tool. These included the extraction of historical data and all the other features that CARTO needed.

Kenjo was able to turn CARTO's needs into:

1. A tool that supports multiple business and virtual offices. With Bamboo HR, connecting remote workers with certain international offices was complicated.

2. Software that complies with the time-tracking legislation set out in the Spanish and international working time regulations.

3. The ability to store records about promotions and payroll changes where other providers like Bamboo HR and Factorial HR fell short.

After looking at over 15 HR tools, Kenjo was the only one that could meet our expectations


How the solution helped

Migration of historical data

One of the main issues we stumbled upon while migrating from Bamboo HR was the difficulty in extracting data, as the software didn't provide this option. This inability to export this data exposed serious legal issues because the Spanish law obliges companies to provide it to the government if required.

We worked together to ensure a successful migration to Kenjo. Not only did we import basic data such as timekeeping and holidays, but we also integrated sensitive information like payroll and other data from several different features.

We made the most of the migration process and created new customised fields for CARTO, which enabled them to restructure the information for greater efficiency. For example, we created virtual offices and multiple businesses to merge all remote workers into the respective offices.

As Jose affirmed, "Kenjo gave us the freedom to access the data and the ability to handle it internally, something that was particularly important to us."

When researching different solutions, CARTO realised that the majority of HR tools couldn't store any historic data other than salaries. And Kenjo effortlessly found a solution for this.

Customised Automation

Once the migration was complete, CARTO started to use Kenjo to automate all tasks related to employee promotion or job changes through its Workflow feature.

The team used Excel for these processes in the past, which meant doing it by hand, and it depended on whoever was responsible for making modifications when needed.

Thanks to Kenjo's notifications, the team now receives alerts to ensure that nothing gets lost along the way.

It's much simpler to coordinate ten people during an onboarding process when all the information is in one tool. You can notify everyone at the same time with just one click.

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CARTO's HR Team are delighted by the modernisation brought about by the change to Kenjo. They have now automated many daily tasks with a friendly and personalised service through all stages of the process. And it's also saved them 50% of the amount they were previously investing.

And as a final anecdote, using Kenjo now means that everyone in the company knows their colleagues' birthdays and can use the tool itself to send their best wishes.

Automate onboarding, offboarding and job changes.

Save 50% on your HR technology investment.

Historical data at your fingertips to comply with international time-tracking legislation.


Kenjo was the only tool that was able to help us meet the HR challenges we were facing