Boulder Media reduced the time spent on administrative tasks by 70% with Kenjo




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Michael McCormack and Adam O'Beirne, HR Department, Boulder Media


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“Thanks to the workflows feature Kenjo helped us reduce the time we spent on manual and administrative tasks by up to 70%”.

Michael McCormack


HR Manager, Boulder Media

About Boulder Media

Established in 2000, Boulder Media is one of Ireland’s largest animation studios. Their vision is to be the best creative partner for CG features, high end 2D TV shows and creating original content. Their greatest strength is its talented team, whom they have recruited from around the world. Additionally, they offer one of the best tax rebate jurisdictions in Europe. Boulder Media is an award-winning studio with the shows they have produced having garnered several awards and countless more nominations such as BAFTAs, EMMYs, ANNIEs, IFTAs, British Animation Awards, Cartoons on the Bay, Irish Animation Awards and many more. 

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Reports and analytics


"We want to highlight the attention of the Kenjo team: their speed of response and the support they have offered us from the beginning, as well as their willingness to innovate".

Michael McCormack


HR Manager, Boulder Media

The challenge

The HRIS System (Human Resources Information System) that Boulder Media used before did not have the capacity to automate day to day tasks or reminders using workflows and the automation it had was extremely difficult to set up and manipulate. Furthermore, the reports that were in the system were almost useless without some heavy manipulation and manual work to clean them up and get them into a usable state. They also had major issues with some staff members not being able to have the access they needed to see certain information without giving them access to view and edit everything. Finally, there was no company organisation chart, no employee directory and work anniversaries and employee’s birthdays went unnoticed.

How did we solve this?

"The team at Boulder Media is really pleased with Kenjo's platform, especially with the user interface and the ease of use of the software".

Adam O'Beirne


HR Generalist, Boulder Media

Workflows and process automation

One of the features that Boulder Media highlights the most is the automation of processes through workflows. Thanks to this they have managed to reduce a great amount of time spent on administrative and manual tasks. Some of the areas that were improved are the management of employees’ time off, onboarding, payroll processing or automatic reminders of work anniversaries and birthdays that can now be celebrated together. On the other hand, they have also seen improvements in performance reviews, automated reporting and analysis and the recruitment of new employees.

Intuitive interface and data management

Thanks to the ease of use of the software and the templates of the platform for data upload, the HR team of Boulder Media was able to transfer 10 years of employee information from the company almost effortlessly. In addition, they highlight the advantage of having automatically generated reports and analytics, as well as the possibility of having the employees’ data in an organised way. They also emphasise the speed of the software implementation process and the help received from the support team.


Since Boulder Media has been using Kenjo, the HR team has improved various processes such as approval of absence requests and increased candidate engagement during recruitment processes. On the other hand, the custom workflows, as well as the possibility of using reports and analytics created by the platform, have reduced the time spent on administrative and manual tasks by 70%. They also emphasise the ease of use of the system, with no loading problems or errors, and the support of the Kenjo team when it comes to implementing new features or providing them with rapid feedback.

70% reduction of administrative and manual tasks

Increased organisation data and use of reports and analytics

Process automation and workflow improvement

"It's lovely to see how hiring managers like using the Talent Acquisition side of things on Kenjo. The hiring teams' reviewing and shortlisting is quicker as it's a much more user-friendly platform. Love the internal interaction elements for hiring teams & TA collaboration!"

Vita Rinkuna


Snr Talent Acquisition Specialist, Boulder Media

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