Standardising document and payroll management with a decentralised HR department

Discover how Kenjo helped Alquiler Seguro digitise its HR department


About Alquiler Seguro

Alquiler Seguro is part of the Alquiler Seguro Group through the parent company. It services all the group's companies in various sectors, including real estate, law firms or insurance companies. Alquiler has experienced exponential growth since 2017, expanding its operations to Spain's largest cities. This growth has created challenges for its HR department during recent months. We'll talk more about this below.




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Alejandro Rodriguez, HR Manager

The challenges

Alquiler Seguro has grown steadily in recent years. In this latest phase, HR has had to adapt to the emerging companies' needs.

Document organisation and management became increasingly complicated, with many different offices across the country and numerous decentralised employees.

This new growth scenario meant that Alquiler Seguro needed to improve its HR efficiency. The company needed to improve and automate its processes, including request management and two-step holiday and leave approval by department managers and HR staff. It also needed to integrate the holiday calendar for each workplace and unify all employee-related information under one single platform.

After benchmarking the different solutions on the market, Alejandro chose Kenjo because it was the only one that could adapt to all of his needs.

Kenjo adapted to our needs quickly with a flexible product.


How the solution helped

Document digitisation

All the information is now centralised in Kenjo and updates in real-time. This gives employees the ability to check internal communication in their online folders whenever they wish. They receive in-app notifications whenever new information is available, saving the HR department a great deal of time, as they previously had to deal with queries one-by-one.

Thanks to the employee portal, Alejandro and his HR team can now check all employee information, such as contracts, payslips, leavers and training documents by filtering according to the company, office or department.

They can also upload all payslips at once. The system automatically stores them in each employee's profile, saving the HR team a vast amount of time.

Time off

Kenjo developed a two-step time off approval process to adapt to the specific needs of the company. Department managers and HR staff can see employees' holiday planners at a glance, approve and validate according to the company's activity peaks and lows.

Alejandro is also developing pre-set reports with information on leavers, joiners, absence and holidays, which will help HR analyse the causes and improve internal policies.

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HR’s workload has significantly reduced as a result of digitising their document management processes. Having access to all employee information in just one click has saved them an enormous amount of time and facilitated the company’s growth in recent years.

Alquiler Seguro is committed to the satisfaction of its employees. In order to achieve this, they must offer an exceptional service, work in the most professional way possible, and gain a better knowledge of their staff. Kenjo has helped the company to continue developing its philosophy and company culture.

Digitisation of document management.

Two-step time off approval.

Mass uploading and automatic emailing of employee payslips.


Kenjo has been the ideal partner during our company’s growth.