Litaly restaurant reduces shift planning time from 4 hours to 15 minutes a week with Kenjo





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Tim Gaudlitz, founder of Litaly


Shift planning and time tracking

Thanks to Kenjo, we can plan every week’s shifts in just 15 minutes and assign them to every employee without errors.

Tim Gaudlitz


founder of Litaly

About Litaly

Litaly is an Italian restaurant located in the Wilmersdorf district of Berlin. It offers a wide variety of options such as fresh pasta or salads and its speciality is Neapolitan pizzas. The restaurant has 30 employees working in the restaurant, delivery and management. 

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Kenjo has enabled us to save a great deal of time, financial resources and to recruit employees faster.

Tim Gaudlitz


founder of Litaly

The challenge

Before using Kenjo, the restaurant lacked a single system to digitise and structure essential processes. It used excel templates to plan weekly shifts and shared them with the employees via WhatsApp. In addition, they used different providers to recruit new employees, which led to a high level of stress.  They also lacked a time tracking system as required by current regulations and many tasks were performed manually. For instance, payrolls were managed by email with their external payroll service and afterwards printed out. On the other hand, the restaurant needed a single platform to exchange documents and information with its employees.

How do we solve this?

Kenjo is an ideal solution for restaurants, especially thanks to its shift planning function, its mobile app and the possibility to be compliant with work regulations and data protection.

Tim Gaudlitz


founder of Litaly

Shift planning and time tracking

With Kenjo's shift planning solution, Litaly moved from managing this process with Excel to managing it digitally. This allowed them to effectively communicate any changes and reduce planning time from 4 hours weekly to only 15 minutes, based on available capacity. On the other hand, they can now assign shifts without having to use WhatsApp and employees receive notifications automatically. All of this from any device such as a desktop computer, a tablet or Kenjo's mobile app. Moreover, Litaly was able to comply with German time tracking regulations by having an easy and intuitive solution that can be used on any device.

Smart Docs and digitisation of processes

Another aspect that Eataly improved is document management through Kenjo's Smart Docs functionality. With it, each worker can access their personal space on the platform and have all the necessary information, in compliance with legal requirements. On the other hand, the restaurant saved a great deal of time and economic resources by centralising the recruitment process on a single platform. This is especially important in a sector characterised by high turnover. In addition, it has also improved payroll management and streamlined communication with its external management company.


Thanks to Kenjo, Litaly is now able to plan weekly shifts in just 15 minutes. In addition, it has streamlined staff recruitment by centralising the entire process on a single platform. This has resulted in considerable savings in financial resources and improved communication, as well as customer service. Moreover, it now complies with time tracking regulations and guarantees data protection. Finally, they highlight the ease of implementing Kenjo with the "self-onboarding" option by which they started using the software in only 1 week.

Reduction of weekly shift planning from 4 hours to 15 minutes

Streamlined and more efficient staff recruitment

Improving communication and compliance with regulations

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