How to significantly reduce time spent on daily HR operations with Kenjo

Discover how digital agency Friendventure merged and digitised all HR functions into one single tool with Kenjo.


About Friendventure

Friendventure is one of the fastest growing digital agencies in Germany, developing and designing customised digital campaigns, websites and online shops. Friendventure has fully embraced New Work: with a unique mix of a 30-hour working week, remote work and flexible working hours, Friendventure allows its employees the greatest possible independence and work-life balance.




On-/Offboarding, employee surveys, org charts, workflows




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Darlyn Jendges - People & Culture Manager

The challenges

As a young, dynamic digital agency, Friendventure has made a name for itself as a flexible employer that offers independence to its employees and new, digital solutions to its clients. However, this scope wasn’t initially reflected in their HR processes. Contracts were sealed by handshake and kept in folders in the HR department. Internal communication channels and workflows didn’t always work. People & Culture Manager, Darlyn, spent hours creating and updating manual employee surveys and organisational charts by herself.

So, Friendventure was looking for one unified digital platform that would bring all HR processes together. Feedback processes needed to be established, modifications needed to be visible at all times and cluttered documents needed to be streamlined. In a nutshell: Friendventure wanted to implement the same digitalisation internally that they projected to the outside world. And this is where Kenjo stepped in.

We were looking for a digital solution that would help us structure, streamline and standardise our HR processes.


How the solution helped

Digital feedback processes for a digital agency

Friendventure has always valued employee input. A manual staff survey revealed that colleagues were looking for more workplace appreciation through continuous employee feedback. Before implementing Kenjo, Friendventure operated without an organised feedback process.  Therefore, in 2020, they professionalised their people and culture management and hired Darlyn as first permanent HR manager.

One of the first actions Darlyn took was to implement Kenjo's HR software. Using the employee survey feature, the People & Culture Manager now easily records feedback sessions with each employee and tracks the  agreed individual development targets within the tool.  Employees can view these on its homepage and track their progress and development opportunities whenever they choose. Darlyn is delighted with the automated, quick surveys with eNPS  scores that measure employee satisfaction with anonymous, first-hand feedback. This extra support meant that HR management now saves ten per cent of its time, allowing them to focus on developing HR topics such as HR analytics or organising digital team events.

Collaborative design of the Kenjo app

Being able to directly influence the design of the tool and co-designing the features was one of the reasons Friendventure chose Kenjo as their HR software in the first place. Previously, for example, employees could only be assigned to their corresponding supervisors in the Org Chart feature. With Friendventure's input, they can now adapt the organigram to the individual needs of each company and generate a custom template tailored to the company's needs. This new feature significantly facilitates HR management’s work; especially as all employees work remotely and the entire onboarding process is digital.

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As a digital agency, Friendventure constantly assists its clients with digitalisation. That's why Friendventure was determined to set a good example by professionalising and digitising internal HR processes and combine them in one tool. Kenjo's digital HR files, feedback processes, performance management, time off and absence management contributed to the fact that Friendventure can now handle its entire HR management process remotely and respond to the needs of its employees at any time.

Ten percent time savings for HR operations.

All HR features merged into one tool.

Automated feedback processes and eNPS score measure and improve employee motivation.


Our employees do feel taken seriously as a result of our regular and automated employee surveys.