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From Excel to Kenjo - Digitising an entire HR department

How Fleetpool managed to reduce the time spent on their daily work routine and keep track of a growing workforce by implementing one easy-to-use HR software.


About Fleetpool

Based in Cologne, Germany, the Fleetpool Group offers digital, tailor-made and flexible solutions for modern mobility. As digital thought leaders in the automotive industry, they offer their customers everything from e-commerce solutions, software development and fintech services to purchasing, fleet management, logistics and marketing, all from a single source.




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Saskia Malz - HR Manager

The challenges

Due to its rapid growth, Fleetpool soon realised they were wasting a significant amount of time and focus. They were still organising all employee data and administrative tasks in numerous Excel spreadsheets and hundreds of email chains with individual queries about budgets, salaries and holiday requests. Fleetpool’s HR department had to manually check that data and reply individually to each query. Needless to say, this approach cost them a great deal of time, energy and money.

Ultimately, they wanted to get rid of the confusion and potential chaos of using many different tools and spreadsheets and decided it was time for a more holistic approach. So, they were looking for one easy-to-use, intuitive and digital HR software to streamline most of the data that was floating around in too many different styles and formats. And that’s where Kenjo jumped in to help Fleetpool digitise their entire HR department with one easy-to-use tool.

Using Kenjo has been a real blessing, and it’s given us a complete overview of our workforce. No more drowning in hundreds of emails for all the different HR-related tasks.


How the solution helped

Making the switch

Thanks to Kenjo’s all-in-one approach, Fleetpool now finds all its data in one place and each manager and employee knows exactly where to find what. This leaves HR with enough energy to focus on their work. They started implementing Kenjo’s recruitment feature one year ago, switching to a digital HR module for the first time. Before Kenjo, they received all data from potential candidates via email. This made it very difficult to filter and organise low- or high-potential candidates, as they didn’t have a system to rank the applicants. Now, Kenjo helps them with the entire process, providing a clear structure and KPIs for candidates that help them decide if they’re a perfect match for their company or not.

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Connecting an entire company

It came as no surprise that Fleetpool quickly fell in love with Kenjo and the vast possibilities an all-in-one HR management tool offers. So much so that they kept adding new features such as absence management, onboarding, reports and analytics and workflows. At first, however, a lot of their employees were concerned about the level of access. They worried that people might have unauthorised access to their personal data. After all, people are often hesitant to switch from something they know to something new. Even when it ultimately makes their lives better. But shortly after starting to use it, employees realised that using automated tools and processes is way better as it gives them more time to focus on their actual work. Now, they can see all their contracts, workflows, reports, team holiday planner, remote work requests and much more, at a glance and from any computer. All they have to do is login, and are connected.

Fleetpool prides itself for being straightforward, flexible and digital. Transmitting these cultural values externally to their customers, as well as internally to their employees has been a real asset for Fleetpool. Managing all HR processes digitally brings their people together and reduces the amount of time spent on each task significantly. This has been extremely handy during COVID-19 when their team was forced to work remotely and couldn’t physically go into the office. Having all the important HR-related data stored in the cloud ensured that everybody could work from home efficiently and digitally, while also giving them great flexibility.

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Coming from a world of Excel spreadsheets, Kenjo’s all-in-one HR software helped Fleetpool introduce a new style of working that streamlined their HR admin, while also connecting people who are collaborating on different projects from home.


More time to focus on strategic projects.

keep track

Keeping track of a growing workforce.


Simplifying daily work routines.


Streamlining HR admin from two different tools and many Excel spreadsheets into a single all-in-one HR software was the perfect solution for us.