Reducing 30% of time spent on HR admin by transitioning from five HR tools to Kenjo

How Kenjo helped FinCompare reduce HR admin and gain more time for people development


About Fincompare

FinCompare is a Berlin-based financing platform for SMEs with a network of over 250 banks and financial backers. They’re using marketplace technology to offer small businesses and entrepreneurs a convenient one-stop platform for all their financing needs.




All-in-one HR software






Claudius Thiel - Head of People

The challenges

Recruiting talent, developing employees, clarifying legal matters and taking care of personnel administration: work in the field of human resources is multifaceted, and FinCompare was spending way too much time connecting the dots with different tools. They were looking for an all-in-one HR software to streamline processes in one easy-to-use platform that is also GDPR compliant. That way, they could spend more time on developing a people and culture plan to accompany employees on their full company lifecycle experience. After all, FinCompare’s mission is to change the mindset and culture of the workplace so that employees can truly thrive. 

So, the challenge was to find a software that supported them in developing their employees’ true potential. That’s where Kenjo stepped in. We helped FinCompare transition from using many different UX HR software applications that were scattered across different tools, to one lean HR software!

We wanted to reduce HR admin and gain more time for people development to create a mindset of growth and a high performance culture at FinCompare.


How the solution helped

Top-to-bottom digital transformation

Kenjo’s all-in-one HR software was the perfect fit for FinCompare, streamlining all their HR admin tasks and reducing 30% of their paperwork. Gathering a range of documents from payroll to personal data under one dashboard was a big time saver, as was the performance management feature. “Our employees loved Kenjo’s design right from the beginning and started using the shout-out function almost immediately to celebrate and praise the work of their colleagues,” Claudius enthused. Kenjo rapidly became the tool of choice for all HR related tasks, reducing the number of HR tools previously used from five to one, syncing all data as much as possible.

Developing a growth mindset

More importantly, however, FinCompare uses Kenjo to help their people grow and as a sparring partner for the leadership team. They rely on Kenjo’s performance management and employee survey features to track employees’ and managers’ performance and get regular feedback. With the help of Kenjo’s streamlined processes, they developed fully automated performance reviews for every employee to complete, so they can monitor all developments throughout the year. Whereas they previously had to prepare in advance and talk to 70 employees individually, today it’s incredibly simple. This means that FinCompare can offer more transparency about their employee’s activities and make their teams feel heard and valued.

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A real time and money saver.

After implementing the absence and people management tool, followed by the payroll and recruiting modules, this all-in-one solution will mean that FinCompare save 60% of their HR software budget in the first year. This will also reduce the time spent on HR admin by 30%. These are impressive numbers for any HR department, but even more so in smaller SMEs in the startup sector. Even more importantly, it freed up their busy schedule to focus on their mission to help people reach their full potential during their employee journey, helping the company truly thrive.

Reduce 60% of HR software budget.

Save 30% of time spent on HR admin.

More time for culture growth mindset.


Kenjo is a people’s tool and that’s exactly what we’ve been looking for.