How Craftnote is leading by example with its digital HR mission

How Craftnote uses recruiting workflows and employee surveys for the best employee experience, while saving 15 working hours every month.


About Craftnote

Craftnote is digitising the traditional skilled trades industry, using its software not only to improve communication between offices and construction sites, but also to organise and document relevant construction projects.




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Sarah Siwonia, People and Culture Manager

The challenges

Craftnote offers the skilled trades industry and tradespeople an easy entry into digitalisation and aims to reduce their bureaucracy to a minimum. With this in mind, the organisation aspires to be a role model, to live these values internally as well, and to standardise and automate HR processes. This claim prompted the company to implement an HRIS, or Human Resources Information System, that would enable data-driven scaling and provide a higher level of support to its employees.

As a result, they were looking for a tool that would allow absence management and sick leave administration to be logged and managed in a designated digital management tool. Likewise, Craftnote wanted to handle recruitment in a GDPR-compliant and self-contained manner and to build an individualised onboarding process tailored to each employee's personal needs. As a final step, automated and personalised feedback rounds with Pulse employee surveys should help build their employer brand.

We want to digitise the trades industry - and thanks to Kenjo, we are leading by example!

Sarah Siwonia, People and Culture Manager

How the solution helped

Ten hours saved on recruiting each month

Now the company uses automated processes for all HR matters such as recruiting, onboarding, employee surveys and time off requests. Whereas previously job applications were managed by email,forwarded to the relevant managers and entered into various lists, now all data is stored centrally in Kenjo's applicant management software and managers and recruiters can add their comments to each applicant profile. 

Applicant data is managed in a data protection compliant manner and, if necessary, automatically deleted or stored in databases, always in line with GDPR. Sarah is thrilled that she is able to save ten working hours every month thanks to Kenjo's recruiting function.

Automated employee surveys reduce workload by five hours

Craftnote's HR department is committed to providing an excellent work environment and uses Kenjo's employee surveys with Employee Net Promoter Score, or eNPS, to measure engagement and employee satisfaction. Sarah no longer has to design new questionnaires on her own, but relies on Kenjo's automated employee engagement software with preset question rounds. Craftnote uses the feedback received to actively create action plans and concepts and to continuously improve and develop. 

Sarah is also pleased that she is able to reduce her working hours by five hours per month thanks to Kenjo’s automated questionnaires.

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Thanks to Kenjo's HR software, Craftnote has not only automated and streamlined its recruitment process, but also gathered authentic and honest feedback from its workforce through modern feedback interviews and employee surveys. This Employer Branding helps to interest potential prospects in the company as an employer. The measures derived from the employee feedback not only move the "company forward, but are gold for Craftnote's employer branding," Sarah reports.

Ten hours saved on recruiting each month.

Five hours saved on employee surveys.

More time for strategies due to less admin.


If you reduce admin more and more, then you can focus on the nice aspects in HR.

 Sarah Siwonia, People and Culture Manager