How did Apps Mobile optimize employee performance evaluation and set measurable objectives?  

Thanks to Kenjo, Apps Mobile, from the Retail industry, was able to have a better control of the administrative processes and communication between the teams, at a key moment for the company's expansion. In addition, it also introduced qualitative elements on employee performance, making it possible to set measurable objectives in a transparent manner.


About Apps Mobile

Apps Mobile is a company dedicated to the distribution of Vodafone products in stores. Its commitment to the customer is to provide the connectivity service that best suits their needs, always hand in hand with Vodafone.




Evaluation of performance, Absences and vacations, Documentation, Workflows, Reporting & Analytics 






Laura Correas García, Head of HR, Apps Mobile

The challenge

Before using Kenjo, Apps Mobile used tools such as Excel for virtually all HR processes and tasks: vacations, performance appraisal, reporting and analytics, etc. This made it difficult to make objective measurements and obtain statistics, in addition to the large amount of time that had to be invested.

On the other hand, Apps Mobile has grown exponentially in Andalusia, Extremadura, Ceuta and Melilla since 2019. This meant an increase in staff in a very short period of time which, together with the geographical spread of the staff and the specialization of the departments, made administrative management and communication of all employees in an efficient manner very complex. Finally, being a sales structure, they had quantitative performance indicators but needed qualitative information on the development of the teams.

With Kenjo's performance review, we have been able to obtain qualitative employee data, make comparisons and set measurable objectives

Laura Correas García, Head of HR, Apps Mobile

How can we solve this? 

Performance evaluation

Thanks to the employee performance evaluation tool, Apps Mobile was able to have a system with which to establish benchmarks, set goals and analyze data quickly and in a very visual way. They were also able to have greater transparency in employee feedback and qualitative data from the team, which was very important for the HR department. Thus, Apps Mobile was able to give shape to an idea that, before using Kenjo, they had been doing in a rudimentary way.

Centralization of information and automation of processes

Through Kenjo's functionality for automating processes such as absentee and vacation management or the creation of reports and data analysis, Apps Mobile has been able to manage its workforce in an agile way and save time in routine and mechanical processes. In addition, both the company and the employee now have the same communication space where all information can be centralized. This allows them to do simple day-to-day things  in an organized way and without duplicating files. In this way, employees have greater autonomy when it comes to viewing their documents or their vacation days: a key aspect, especially when you have a certain volume of staff.

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With Kenjo, Apps Mobile has been able to save time in daily and mechanical processes, reduce the number of administrative tasks and centralize information in a single space. This has enabled the HR department to better manage the workforce and be more effective. In addition, it has also been able to obtain qualitative data on employee skills and conduct more transparent feedback sessions. As a result, communication between teams has improved and employees now have greater autonomy. 

Saving time and administrative costs

Improving employee competency assessment

Automating processes and centralizing information


With Kenjo, both the company and the employee can have the same communication space and simplify complex tasks, as well as having better organization and greater autonomy.

Laura Correas García, Head of HR, Apps Mobile