Digitise the HR department in just 30 days

Find out how Analyticalways has reduced time spent on HR operations by 40% by using Kenjo to automate its processes.


About Analyticalways

Analyticalways is an end-to-end technology company focused on stock management in the retail sector. Through an AI algorithm, it develops future plans so that companies can optimise and manage inventory, directly resulting in an increase in ROI for customers.




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Beatriz Molina - HR Director

The challenges

Analyticalways, a company based on a 100% digital system, has digitisation in its DNA and knows first-hand the benefits and ROI that this generates. Naturally, therefore, the HR department could not continue working with Excel sheets or different platforms, where limited, disaggregated information meant they could not  access all the data they required in one place. So, the need arose to find a human resources tool that would allow them to streamline and automate all their processes intuitively and promote a friendly environment. 

After conducting market research and comparing the features of software programs such as Bizneo, Beatriz and the Analyticalways management team chose Kenjo due to its immense flexibility, international vision (multi-language and currency), speed and team culture facilitation. All this made Analyticalways afan of Kenjo within a minute.

We needed a software where employees could find information in a single process in an easy and fun way.

Beatriz Molina - HR Director

How the solution helped

Integral solution

Analyticalways employees began to see the benefits of the new system within 30 days. They worked together to integrate all the information into a single tool, so that HR could start working with Kenjo. This solution has made it possible to have all the tools and information that the company needed in one place. Processes such as time off management, tracking employee absences, personalised categories (eg: maternity leave) and holiday requests integrated with the employee work calendar (a function that other software programs on the market did not offer), were in place from the start. The workday log feature made it easy to track the hours an employee worked.

Improved employee experience

Since using Kenjo’s software, Analyticalways has improved the employee experience to get closer to the human side of people. Thanks to the platform's friendly, dynamic and fun design, their HR communication can be personalised with automated emails to the entire company, for example, when it’s someone’s birthday or anniversary. "If LinkedIn does it, how could we not?" - says Beatriz.

In addition, the organisation chart became part of the onboarding feature. Now, their HR team can show new employees the teams and people that make up their organisation and can even add comments. For example, they pointed out who the funniest teams were within the organisation!

Starter or Growth.
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The HR system is finally practical because the software has allowed Analyticalways to integrate all their processes. “If the CEO or the Board of Directors ask us for any information, we get into the software, and we can easily export the information," Beatriz shares happily.

The employees understand the software very well, and it has allowed them to work remotely and yet, still feel a part of a team. The software’s flexibility and regular updates has made it seamless for them to incorporate new functionalities and adapt it to their global needs (eg: changing the language or currency.)

Registering number of hours worked.

Digitisation of absence and time off management.

Unified document management in the cloud.


If you do not have software like Kenjo, you are lost. Now everything we do is on one platform.

Beatriz Molina - HR Director