Implement remote working in SMEs: processes, responsibilities and technology

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The course Implement remote working for small and medium businesses has been created for HR managers, team leaders, CEOs or anyone else who is responsible for ensuring that your company’s staff stay motivated, connected and involved in the company during the short or indefinite periods of remote working, without physically having to be in the office.



Establishing connections

Learn how to build professional connections while working remotely. This guide will help you make your remote workers feel part of a wider community, as well as set up the right strategy and tools to stay productive and connected.


Performance management

Better work, enhanced performance, successful employees: with our best practices for performance management you’ll get to know the key stages of the review cycle. You can also bring your company up to date with the latest tricks to guarantee a happy bunch of employees.


Employee engagement score

Do you know what it takes to ensure your employees are highly emotionally committed to your organisation and its goals? Dive deep into employee engagement and learn how to consistently improve engagement scores.


Tools and technology

To ensure successful remote work collaboration between colleagues, you need the right programmes and tools. We teach you how to master remote work tools for building high-performing teams. We’ll also tell you about our favourite tools, that we can’t live and work without.


Remote onboarding

Onboarding employees remotely can be a fantastic way to show off your company culture as well as creating a sense of belonging. We show you the basics of remote onboarding along with some great tips to ensure your new joiners have a memorable first working experience with you.


Remote meeting culture

We love smooth and efficient meetings with engaged teammates and clear goals. After all, it’s vital to your team’s progress. Let’s get straight into how to create an A+ meeting culture in a remote work environment.


Managing conflicts

Miscommunication, lack of information, you name it: managing conflict is especially important in remote work as misunderstandings are more likely to happen without in-person verbal and non-verbal communication. Our best tips on communication, perception management and constructive feedback.


Healthy work-life balance

Working from home makes it hard to separate your work and personal life. However, nothing is more important than maintaining a healthy work-life balance as it’s the foundation of happy living. Learn about the dangers of imbalances and how to stay sane while working remotely.

Downloadable materials available throughout the course

We’ve gathered our best educational materials (interviews, manuals, articles and Excel templates). We’ve also consulted industry professionals to ensure that, after these eight days, any professional will know exactly how to implement processes, technology or gain the support of others to manage remote employees. Some of the downloadable resources include: