How to create an L&D strategy from scratch

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Together with Alison JY Lee, we've created a video course that will teach you to design a successful L&D strategy from scratch. As a leadership coach and organisational psychologist, Alison is a long-term partner of Kenjo and works closely with our team to help people thrive, and companies truly succeed.

This free HR course is for you if you are an HR manager, team lead, CEO, or anyone else who is responsible for ensuring that your employees keep growing and develop capabilities that are essential for your organisation to thrive in the future.‍

Our Learning and Development experts

We've invited incredible L&D experts from companies such as Netflix and Blinkist to share their best practices and insights.



Basics of creating an L&D strategy

We’ll walk you through how to create a power team to ensure your strategy's success. We'll also share with you the purpose and potential applications of a fantastic Learning & Development strategy.


Needs Analyses

Stay tuned for our next lessons where you'll learn how to do a needs analyses with members of your power team to identify current and future development needs.


Key Priorities and Measurable Goals

Lesson 3 will walk you through identifying your key priorities and how to create measurable goals to check if you are keeping on track.


Construct Learning Journeys

Lesson 4 is the part of the process most L&D professionals love: How to construct learning journeys to help your people meet their learning goals. Finally, we put those learnings all together into an executable L&D roadmap. Excited? We are too!

Become an L&D expert

If the word strategy gives you anxiety, and you are frustrated how videos and books always tell you WHAT to do, and never HOW to do it, this course is for you! If you join us, you'll have 99% of your L&D strategy done and ready to go by the end of the course.

Not only that, but we've also included step-by-step guides to help you do everything from stakeholder mapping to creating your L&D roadmap.

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