Reducing email traffic by 90 per cent through smart time off management

Discover how Kenjo helped German-based TÜV Saarland Real Estate Valuation implement digital processes to break down old structures and free up their HR team for more important tasks.


About TÜV

TÜV Saarland Immobilienbewertung GmbH is an innovative and competent full-service provider in the real estate valuation sector. They offer their customers a comprehensive range of services - from property inspection to document procurement to valuation. In concrete terms, this means that property surveyors inspect the property on site, obtain any documents still required for the valuation, appraisers determine the corresponding value and pass this on to banks, for example, as part of a financing process.




Time off, digital HR


35 permanent employees, 95 freelancers


Real estate service provider


Dirk Müller, Personal & Organisation

The challenges

TÜV Saarland Immobilienbewertung GmbH is a subsidiary of German TÜV Saarland Holding GmbH ( , responsible for accounting and human resources within the framework of an agency. As a result, some processes are decentralised and not linked to each other. In addition, the availability of internal and external surveyors and assessors was managed mainly by e-mail and telephone. Absences were stored in analogue binders, manually entered in Outlook calendars and noted in Excel spreadsheets - a considerable risk in prioritising and processing assignments.HR manager Dirk Müller was therefore looking for a scalable solution to move away from countless emails and analogue document management to a lean and web-based process flow.

We were looking for HR software that provides access to HR data, documentation and evaluations via one central tool.


How the solution helped

Digitised time off management

Thanks to the integration of the time off feature for absence and leave management, Kenjo ensured that all incoming absence-related mails were redirected. Whereas countless emails were previously logged analogically, the process is now entirely digital. Employees now log in to Kenjo and enter their availability, holiday and sick notes into one tool. Even supervisor approval processes are now done digitally. As a result, they now manage and document their own time off on one centralised platform and have reduced their leave-related email traffic by an incredible 90%. Likewise, follow-up tasks such as uploading sick leave or extra training can be done digitally, directly via the Kenjo platform.

Improved employee documentation

TÜV Saarland Immobilienbewertung GmbH also uses Kenjo's employee documentation in the cloud. This is particularly important for storing personal documents such as confidentiality declarations and order data processing, but also schedules and data on occupational safety. All employee documentation is stored centrally and is individually accessible for each employee. Countless telephone calls and tedious searching for the relevant documents have been replaced by independent uploading and administration. In this way, the company can prove that they have fulfilled their legal obligations on the employer's side, especially in the case of various guidelines on occupational safety, by means of a reading note. The result is not only greater employee satisfaction, but also a considerable reduction in workload for the responsible office management staff.

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Thanks to Kenjo's digital time off management feature, time-consuming email traffic is a thing of the past at TÜV Saarland Immobilienbewertung GmbH.

Reduced absence-related email traffic by 90% thanks to smart time off management.

A simple proof of compliance process for occupational safety guidelines' documentation.

Consolidated nationwide staff and freelancer data through centralised employee documentation.


As a centralised and cloud-based solution, our permanent and freelance employees can now access their data from anywhere. By digitising our documents and processes, we’re gradually moving away from outdated processes towards more up-to-date solutions.